Weight Loss Ticker: Use It – And Lose It!

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If you are trying to lose weight, you might be active in weigth loss forums. There is just so much to learn from others who are in the same boat, and it is uplifting and inspiring to connect with other people who have their stories to share and their experience and help to offer.

You have probably seen the little “weight loss ticker” bars some of the people in these forums have displayed on the bottom of those posts.  I think they are really nice, and if you use them I believe that they can actually help you stick to your weight loss resolution just this little bit more. By simply displaying your starting weight and your goal weight publicly in a weight loss ticker that also has a slider indicating the weight you have lost, you are making your goal more “visible”, it’s a bit like adding some “visualization” to your weight loss plan. So you will be able to actually see your progress – and you will also be a bit more accountable for what you are doing (or not doing) because others can see it as well.

Sometimes that is all that’s needed to give you the last “shove” to not eat that piece of chocolate, or to not grab those chips – because later you will have to go and adjust your weight loss ticker for everyone to see!

I have investigated a little where you can get a weight loss ticker from, and here are a few for you to check out:

Ticker Factory

My Calorie Counter

My Fitness Pal

I actually like these little tickers so much that I have decided to add one to my blog! 🙂

Here it is:

Now I just have to remember to update it and really get stuck into losing those stubborn kilos! What do you think of my weight loss ticker? Please let me know whether you find the ticker sites of any help.

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  1. Those weight loss tickers are really cute. I realized that some of the forum members have it too. I’m not really a fan of weight loss forums but I visit them occasionally.

    I like the weight loss ticker and love to have one for myself too.
    .-= [email protected] 6´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  2. I don’t use weight loss forums, but I do like the weight loss ticker. I’m going to start recommending it as a way to help people stay on track. Thank you for the information.
    .-= [email protected] appetite suppressant´s last blog ..Diet Success Stories With Pure Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills =-.

  3. Who designed your page? Looks great! Is it a free template you are using?

  4. I had never noticed these weight loss tickers before you brought them to my attention, but that’s a great idea. By using the weight loss ticker, you essentially now have an audience watching your weight loss performance. This adds additional motivation to consistently show progress!
    .-= Boardwalk @ Yoga And Weight Loss´s last blog ..NoFollow Free Blog, Comment Luv and Keyword Luv =-.

  5. I think that the weight loss ticker is great, but I know that if I were to use it – it would tick the wrong way as it seems that I am always gaining weight 🙁
    .-= [email protected] pontoon boats´s last blog ..Repossessed Boat – 2008 Vectra Boats 2302 OB =-.

  6. I like the weight loss ticker. Anything to help keep you motivated. The fact that you are posting the ticker and your articles for the entire world to see is fantastic motivation! These are all methods to keep you accountable to your weight-loss goals and they work great.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂
    .-= [email protected] Supplements´s last blog ..5 Ways to Maximize Muscle Growth – Without Prohormones =-.

  7. Hi Petra, great post and a great looking site too! I’m jealous. The weight loss ticker is a great idea and I like the one you have here on your site. I should really get one for my blog too! You’re doing a fabulous job with this blog. I admire you!

    Doug,(the low carb diet guy)
    .-= Doug @ glycemic index diet plan´s last blog ..High Glycemic Carbohydrates Vs Low Glycemic Carbs =-.

  8. Weight loss is a simple 3 part formula. Watch what you eat, eat healthy, that means nutritious food without a lot of calories from fats and sugar. Then you must do something to burn those calories. A little exercise such as 30 minutes of walking, swimming, jogging, biking etc. will go a long way to help you meet your goal. Then perhaps the most important is Motivation. To help with staying at it do it with a buddy.

  9. Ally Kaye says:

    When you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise. Avoid taking slimming pills at all cost, they do more harm than good.

  10. I agree with you Chuck about doing it with a buddy. You can both motivate and support each other. The best way to get into a new thinking pattern and start new habits to replace the old is to surround your self with friends and people who are also doing what you are doing. Support and positive motivation and just having someone believe in you is powerful. I think anyways. We must believe in our selves first and then others will follow and believe in you to. If you don’t then it will be hard to motivate others to direct their energy towards to you.

    The ticker is a really great idea! I hope that a lot of people find benefit from it. The My Calorie Counter one is my favorite, design wise. Does anyone know if it has and iPhone App?

  11. I think you have a very nice site here. I have started paying more and more attention to weight loss. I have been small all my life, but all of a sudden during these winter months, I find myself putting on more and more weight. This is frightening because I never had problems with my weight. But your site and the site that I created along with many other weight loss sites will help me to get back on track. Thank you again for putting this site up with all this useful information.
    .-= TimM @ fast weight loss diets´s last blog ..The Best 10 Weight Loss Pills To Help You Slim Down =-.

  12. I think the weight loss ticker is a great idea. Any goal that you can maintain focus on becomes easier to obtain. By focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want, what we want comes closer and closer. The weight loss ticker seems like a great tool to help us maintain our focus on Weight loss goal.

  13. james says:

    If you want to lose weight just use a doorway pull up bar.
    It is cheap, simple and effective.
    Just do some exercises every day and you will see it does help.


  14. Thanks for that. I am on Weight Watchers and I wanted to put a weight loss ticker onto my personal blog. It will be fun to watch in move towards my goal!
    .-= [email protected] Genital Warts Curable´s last blog ..Top Secret- How To Cure Genital Warts Naturally =-.

  15. I never know about this weight loss ticker but I’m curious about it. I am getting fat and I think I need this one for the reason of the summer is coming and I’m too scared to see my body wearing a beach suit.
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  16. Ariestee says:

    Can you gave me your favorite sites/ links about lossing weight? Need to check about this. As a whole, this site is good!

  17. Like the weight loss ticker. I heard that people with thyroid problems couldn’t lose weight. Will look forward to know your thought on this.

  18. I just wanted to update that I put a ticker onto my blog and since then, I have gotten a lot of great feedback about it!
    .-= Genital Wart Removal´s last blog ..Top Secret- How To Cure Genital Warts Naturally =-.

  19. I’d love to have one of thos wight loss ticker, i’ve seen so many go arround with them..
    Anyways, very nice post.. thanks.

  20. mlshop says:

    Great article, i just got my weight loss ticker
    working great, i love it..
    you’ve got a great blog, ill be coming back

  21. Weight loss ticker eh? Sounds like a good idea. I need to loose some weight. I just started doing a bit of regular exercise and it feels good!

    Thanks, great post!
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  22. I like the idea of this weight loss ticker.

    It gives you something to aim for. It is very easy to lose focus when attempting to lose weight, this should help to keep you motivated.
    .-= Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed´s last blog ..Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Natural Weight Loss Pills =-.

  23. Weight loss tickers really work, my friend used it and it helped her much. At the same time it looks cute.:D

  24. Thanks for the weight loss ticker idea. I’ve never heard of it before. Though I’ve succeeded in losing those extra fats, keeping those fats off is a real challenge. This idea might be just what I need to maintain my focus and discipline.

  25. I had never noticed these weight loss tickers before you brought them to my attention, but that’s a great idea. By using the weight loss ticker, you essentially now have an audience watching your weight loss performance. This adds additional motivation to consistently show progress!
    .-= thyroid symptoms´s last blog ..Thyroid gland and thyroid symptoms =-.

  26. Thyroid Diet says:

    Hopefully the weight loss tickers round your weight down. 😉 Seriously, it’s a good idea for motivation to stay on a diet plan… what with the world watching and all.
    Thyroid Diet´s last blog post ..Response cached until Thu 5 @ 0:07 GMT (Refreshes in 23.59 Hours)

  27. Very nice weight loss ticker! You are absolutely right that visualization is extremely important in hitting your weight loss goals. Where did you find the ticker to post? I would like to add it to my site. Thanks!
    Getting Rid of Fat´s last blog post ..3 Simple Tips For Getting Rid of Fat Fast

  28. My BMI is around 19-20. Kinda healthy but I’m getting fatter nowadays due to stress. Additional point: To lose weight, you must not be stress. hah. Or just don’t eat a lot if you’re stress find an alternative to reduce stress
    end food addictions´s last blog post ..Pet Obesity- What about Rover

  29. There are so many ways that you can do to loose weight. You really do not have to take in some medicines. There are some natural methods these are change and modification of habits and lifestyle.

  30. Taylor Lewis says:

    weight loss is easy to achieve if you just do some heavy workouts and a strict diet.~-

  31. Weight Loss Tickers and trackers are a great way to keep track your weight loss progress and share your successes with others. It was indeed a great help you if want to focus on the goal and will also remind you to strictly follow the meal plan.

  32. This weight loss ticker is a great way to add an extra layer accountability, which is very necessary with any successful weight loss program.
    Sheila [email protected] News´s last blog post ..What is Certified Clinical Nutritionist or CCN Nutrition

  33. I have tried this ticker status in a weight lose forum..lol didn’t even reach half way… argh… didn’t work for me, though I hear some people actually reach the finish line… but not me 🙁
    Juniper Berry´s last blog post ..Juniper Berry Benefits

  34. I really agree that visuals can help you keep yourself motivated to continue your fight

  35. i have no idea how can reduce the weight,but ur some suggestion really helpful for me.i really appreciated to share the useful information.

  36. Rick says:

    We all need acountability as part of our weight loss programme. A weight loss ticker can be a good way to add an extra layer of accountability, but I believe that regular photo’s are the best way to hold yourself accountable.

  37. That’s a really cool idea. I didn’t know about that before. I’m a bit scared to stick it on my blog though. A bit to much information for me to disclose to people. I can see how it would motivate you to stick with your plan if you did. Who wants to have to report to the world they are going backwards 🙁
    James @ weight loss 4 idiots´s last blog post ..Weight Loss With Laxatives Is Dangerous To Your Health

  38. weight loss may not be easy for those people with very slow metabolism'”;

  39. ?John H. Saane says:

    What I do for exercise each day to make weight loss is gradual in nature within a week is a daily morning exercise by jumping 100 times and slapped with a basic movement exercise. Well if there’s a chance I will try to walk every day a lot.

  40. I like the calorie counter ticker.You can use it straight away without any registration or fuss.Also that is quite user friendly ,easy to understand and follow.These tickers are the great way to remind you of your weight loss resolution .

  41. weight loss should be easy to achieve if you combine proper diet with lots of exercise .

  42. weight loss is sometimes difficult to attain, it all depends on your motivation and genetics ~:`

  43. diet says:

    Nice idea.
    diet´s last blog post ..Balanced weight loss diet

  44. when all is said and done actual weight loss isn’t achieved by GI or HI or anything else. Weight loss is only possible when calories in is less than calories out. It’s just maths that makes weight loss possible physically

  45. Hello I am so happy I found your website, I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Google for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a remarkable post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to look over it all at the moment but I have book-marked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the excellent work.

  46. I’d like to use weight loss ticker. I really need to lose my weight 🙁

  47. warts says:

    Great! I love reading article that blogging for any healthy diet weight loss blogs. I really enjoyed it and also I learn some ideas/tips and informative informations about the healthy diet.
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  48. I really never find out about this weight loss ticker but I’m interested in it. Have to thank you for the great information about this product.Hands down you have great content on your site,keep it coming.

  49. this is great. now i can track how many lbs i lost. 🙂

  50. Thanks for the tips, I found them really useful! There’s always new things to learn about healthy weight loss.

  51. I think weight loss tickers are very useful. Hmm I might use that too! 🙂

  52. Healthy weight loss is important for longer life. There are so many people who suffer heart attack at early age, so many people suffer diabetes and died at early age. The only reason is too many fats on their body.

  53. Thanks for the tip on the little “weight loss ticker” bars some people display on the bottom of their forum posts. I was not aware that you could display your starting weight and your goal weight publicly in the weight loss ticker that also has a slider indicating the weight you have lost. This sounds like a great “visualization” to use for ones weight loss plan.
    Larry J @ Weight Loss Foods´s last blog post ..5 Exercises That Can Be Done At Home

  54. I think that their are two things that helped me with weight loss. First, have a realistic, measurable goal and write it down on paper. Then, check your progress frequently and if your result run into a jam revise

  55. A weight loss ticker is actually a really good way to add an extra layer of accountability when dieting. I also believe that regular photo’s are another good way to hold yourself accountable.

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