Negative Calorie Foods – What To Consider

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Eating negative calorie foods can be a very effective way to help you lose those unwanted kilos (sorry, I say kilos as I grew up with “kilos” and not “pounds”!). It’s only recently that I have found out a bit more about them. Negative calorie foods can not only aid you very well with your weight loss, they are all very healthy for you, too!

Now, even though they are called “negative calorie” foods, it’s not like they contain less than 0 calories. It simply means that it’s a food whose calorie lever is low enough that the body needs more energy to digest it than what the food actually contains. I did another post on negative calorie foods recently, you can read up on it here.

Negative Calorie FoodsThere are a few things to consider before you “jump” into filling yourself up on negative calorie foods – for example, if you would eat only those foods for a longer period of time, this would lead to starvation, and your body would become deficient in vital nutrition very quickly. Also, the calories that are burnt usually come from muscle mass. The results could be debility and wasting. Not good! 🙁

On the other hand, if you want to do a quick detox or lose a few kilos quickly through fasting (maybe after Christmas or when you have been eating too much for a few days), then the negative calorie foods would be a great way of doing this in a healthy way. They can clean out your system very effectively. Remember though: Only for a short period of time!

No matter what you decide to do with negative calorie foods, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Eat varied. It is simply never good or healthy to eat too much of the same food. It can cause all sorts of problems. The rule is: different fruits and different vegetables throughout the day, and never a huge amount of any. Small quantities is king!

2. Don’t think you can eat all day because you are eating “the right food”. You will just become bloated and feel sick. You should still stick to normal meal- and snack-times. 4 or 5 small meals a day (including snacks) would be perfect. Your digestion needs to rest, too!

3. One of the general rules of eating does apply here, too: If you eat slowly and chew thoroughly, you will feel more satisfied. And guess what: eating slowly and chewing more will also use up more calories! That’s an added benefit.

4. Eat the foods raw where you can (like carrots, the fruits, cucumbers etc.). They will be more effective that way. Also, if you can grate them (like carrots, or beetroot), they will be more satisfying.

5. If you are doing a detox for a few days, make sure you do it at a time when your life is not too hectic and you don’t have many appointments. As with any detox, it can have side effects like headaches, tiredness, irritability and depression. If you feel any of these symptoms and they become severe, you should stop the detox and see a doctor. Also, like after every detox, don’t just start eating “normal” again after but introduce other foods back into your diet slowly, over a few days.

6. You can incorporate the negative calorie foods into your daily diet in a way that they will help you lose weight and at the same time keep you healthy. Try eating an apple, or a mango, as a morning snack after breakfast and before lunch. Eat more of the raw vegetables for dinner, or again as a snack in between meals.

Now, at last here is the list of these fantastic negative calorie foods which you should use, but use wisely:

* Apples
* Asparagus
* Beets
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Cantaloupes
* Carrot
* Cauliflower
* Celery stalk
* Celery root
* Cranberries
* Cucumbers
* Eggplant
* Endives
* Garden cress
* Garlic
* Grapefruit
* Green beans
* Green cabbage
* Lamb’s lettuce
* Lemons
* Lettuce
* Mangoes
* Mushrooms
* Onions
* Papayas
* Pineapples
* Prunes
* Radishes
* Raspberries
* Spinach
* Strawberries
* Tangerines
* Tomatoes
* Turnips
* Zucchini

And also always remember: Drink lots of water during the day (around 2 liters). Drinking water helps flushing out toxins and stops the body from retaining water (whether you believe it or not!). Cheers!

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