Important Facts About Eating Habits….

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Eating Habits

Eating Habits

Well, I am doing it again…. being inspired by a fellow blogger who left a comment on one of my posts. This time I am writing a short post in honor of Christine Maria Lindner from who left a comment about emotional eating on my blog (funny, it’s on my post about DoFollow, Top Commentator, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv). As I liked her comment and the blog feed that came back through CommentLuv looked interesting, I decided to head over to her blog and check it out.

To quote from her blog, “Christine Lindner is an Internationally renowned Health Coach, who uses her extraordinary knowledge of International Flower Essences, Touch for Health and the Law of Attraction to help people transform their lives.”

She has one blog post on her blog that really grabbed my attention, and after reading it I decided to give you all a link to it, because it really captures all the essential important facts about eating habits, and it gives really great ideas about how to handle the daily “battle” with food. Christine seems to have embraced the facts that she is listing in her post, and has lost 13 kgs in doing it! That’s quite impressive.

So, I urge you to head over to her blog and read up on the important facts about eating habits – I am sure you will hear a few things that will change your outlook on food and how to “handle” it in your daily challenge with weight loss and healthy eating.

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  1. Maria P says:

    Hi Petra,

    Thanks for sharing us this post. I was reading Christine’s Blogs and I really think that eating based on how you feel and think is very much important if you want to keep yourself healthy. =)

    I’ll be reading more of you and Christine’s posts. =)


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  2. wow…
    it seems Christine Lindner has a good stuff
    she was succeeded to lost until 13kg
    wow…I should check out her blog
    anyway..thanks 🙂
    .-= [email protected] eating for kids´s last blog ..Improve Kids Talent with Nutrition =-.

  3. super slim says:

    it is help full,right diet is important
    dont drink soda any at all

    excercise excercise as much as possible

    only have sugar free snacks

    instead of fattening sides like mashed potatoes or mac and cheese eat veggies

    eat 3 meals a day with 2 200 calorie snacks

    dont eat after 7 no nothing not even 1 cracker!

    breakfeast : 2 scrambled eggs and cheese

    snack:air popped popcorn 94% fat free and grapes

    lunch:a lean cuisine pizza

    snack: soft pretzel and mustard [small frozen]

    dinner:chicken 1 pice the size of a deck of cards , broccoli or any veggie, 1/2 cup of brown rice

    using these tips and menu you can lose about 10 pounds in a month
    more article

  4. Emotional eating is probably something that affects everybody. I think that some of us are lucky enough where we only emotionally eat every so often (a bad day, or maybe a great day, to celebrate). If someone is emotionally eating every day though they really need to look into that alot more than just dieting and exercising, because like most people they will likely gain the weight back and the key is to really find why why you are eating yourself to bad health.
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  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful facts about eating habits, Ms. Weiss! I haven’t realized that skipping meals really make me very prone to eating more. I also tend to have a few sugary candies and bread when I don’t eat meals, but now I know better! I’m impressed too that Ms. Christine had lost 13 kgs in 1 year following only the facts about eating habits. I would be very happy if I lost just 3 kgs in 1 year. Again, thank you for sharing this – I will definitely print this and post it on my door 😀
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  6. Martha C says:

    Glad I found your blog. Christine Lindner seems like a super resource. I just cut out dairy products and decided to not go out to eat for a long time. Just that alone has helped me lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks. I’m going slow.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      8 pounds in 10 weeks is a great result, Martha! Slow is good – because then it will stay off!

  7. Hi,I think that Staying healthy includes a balanced diet, staying clean, getting plenty of exercise as well as keeping your heart strong and free of drugs.I am really impress to read these good instructions….

  8. You have lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks. It’s really very astonishing news for me. If it is possible to reduce weight just cutting the dairy products from your diet then i am going to follow you. I am sure i will also get the same results as you have achieved. Thanks for the tip Martha.
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  9. Thanks a lot for the motivation you’ve provided. I know in my own work its been a challenge, especially since I am always on the move and a lot of the times because my job involves traveling I don’t always get the best pick of places to eat at. Is there any recommendations you can make regarding people who have to eat while traveling? Whats a good practice to stick too?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I would say try to stick to eating a little bit every 2 – 3 hours. Try to carry your snacks with you, especially apples and other fruit, this will make it easier to resist to just buy something. If only “unhealthy” food is available, go for a small serve. I don’t know – any more tips from my other readers?

  10. etipz says:

    thanks for your sharing, i will to try, i think 8 pounds in 10 weeks is a great result for me
    .-= etipz´s last blog ..Facts About Cholesterol and Calories =-.

  11. Paramjit says:

    That was a great resource. We are what we eat. We are our habits and our habits are us. It takes some time to build those habits but once there, these are the ones that help keep us sane. Once again, thanks for the resource.
    .-= Paramjit´s last blog ..How Exercise Makes You Smarter =-.

  12. Thanks for sharing Petra! That was an interesting find with Christine’s site. It was refreshing to see some pretty unique takes on nutrition. I especially liked the texture comment, as we’re struggling with our 11-year old who has a very limited diet. His physicians at Childrens Hospital in Denver have expressed at length the role of texture, rather than just taste, as a factor in expanding and allowing him to expand his diet. Interesting stuff.

    We’re also experimenting and using glycemic index food list ( choices to get us on the right path as we have some early markers for diabetes and familial heart disease.

    Keep up the good posts!

  13. you weren’t kidding! I’m completely floored by some of her ideas- First things I’m going to do is practice the glass of water before meals that I will eat on a SMALLER plate. I would have never thought of these things-

  14. Afonya says:

    I’m 25 and I try to keep my body in good shape and these simple tips help me a lot!) I feel it, thanks.

  15. Good thing you posted her comments on your site. Christine Lindner’s coaching is definitley gaining lots of following and I’m heading to her site right now.

  16. Family therapy is extremely important for teens with eating disorders. Because they live in a family context, teenagers need desperately to feel that their family is supporting them. The family in turn needs support as parents and siblings try to cope with the way anorexia and bulimia affect their lives.

  17. used tires says:

    Hi Petra,

    Fantastic blog post you’ve linked out to! I personally have always felt that watching what it is you consume, especially those empty calories is what at the end the day does no good for our body, I’ve not only watched what I’ve been eating, but at the same time what liquids I’ve been putting into my body, I’ve been able to rid myself of the Coca Cola / Soda habit, and have been going towards more healthier drinks, and it’s definitely paying off 🙂 Even if I don’t lose weight I know in the long run it will make me healthier.

    Sorry for my rant… just had to throw it in there!

    Till then,

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  18. nice comment healthy diet is important for healthy life.

  19. Denim says:

    Doing 5 minutes each of push-ups, lunges, and squats (in 30-second intervals) will help build and maintain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be, so you’ll torch more calories as you go about your day.

  20. olympic says:

    The weight you lost means nothing, you need to check your body fat once a while or at least take pictures of yourself once a week. As well as you might lost fat, you might lost muscles. And the less muscles you have, the less energy your body needs to maintain you, so your body will burn way less calories by maintaining itself if you lose lots of muscle.

  21. What I like about Christine is that she is a true professional, giving all this valuable information away on the internet for free. These days there are so much bullshit weight loss articles around, written by internet marketeers instead of weight loss experts. Thanks for the recommendation!
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  22. I always try to follow and find news about Christine Lindner she has totally changed my life. Just reading blogs about her and what she has to say has turned me into a healthier person.

  23. That’s a very good post from Christine, Petra. And you’re right about going slow, too. IMHO the fastest loss we can target safely is just 2 lb. per week max. I’ve lost 5 lbs./week before, only to gain 8 lbs. some months later.

    Just to add up to the list:
    – Avoid fruit juice & eat real fruits (for weight loss). Fruit juice lacks fibers, & the 1 in the market has too much sugar.

    – Eat as fresh as we can. The mass production of our foods makes them put nasty stuff like high fructose corn syrup & pesticide. What we buy in the market are protein from fat & depressed cows & chickens. Go organic for imported foods & have grass-fed cows & free-range chickens instead.

    – Eat a small complete meal every 2-4 hours. Some whole-wheat tuna sandwiches can do the trick on the go (the amount depends on our BMR, since I found BMI less accurate).

  24. Thanks for sharing the link, Petra. I just realized that our “eating habit” is what we should change. Because there are times when we would eat less to lose weight. But the habit is still there (eating snacks a lot, etc.).

  25. I will have to check her blog out. I tend to be a emotional eater and it is a very hard habit to break.

  26. shaik says:

    Being a new blogger, I would like to tell you that you have given me much knowledge about it. Thanks for everything.
    .-= shaik´s last blog ..children obesity =-.

  27. The article about eating facts is very informative water is good source of loosing weight 6-8 glass of water is very much essential it maintains metabolism to burn 3% of calories with that proper diet is very much important.
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  28. I have a problem with avoiding all sugars, desserts. The problem is I eliminate the sugars entirely and then relapse – and relapse in excess.

    I have found that I need a strategy in plan prior to relapse. I drink some orange juice every day. If a feel a craving for ice cream, pie, candy – I’ll drink some orange juice; eat almonds, sunflower seeds; or put a little sugar on some healthy cereal.

    It’s not a perfect plan, but at least I can give my body what it craves – while recognizing the sugar desire onslaught – but not over do the sugars.

  29. I have lost 5% body fat in the last 4 weeks, well on the way to revealing my abs thanks to this great site, Thank You!

  30. Frank says:

    That is a very nice and informative article that you referred to. Especially it is very interesting to know that some times thirst can be mistaken as hunger so keeping our self hydrated can really help us in losing weight.

  31. Clenbuterol says:

    With so much information available about the effects of dietary fat on health, understanding the role fat plays in a well-balanced diet can be pretty confusing. To cut through the confusion, it’s important to remember that fat is an essential nutrient that everyone needs to stay healthy.

  32. Thanks for sharing what you know regarding facts about eating habits. I am really particular with the food that I eat and at the same time on about what the proper eating habit that I should retain and forget. I’m really concerned about being fit but at the same time healthy.
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  33. Healthy says:

    The individual is caught in a cycle of obsessive behavior that they cannot break alone, even with all the willpower in the world.
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  34. I finally cut out soft drinks (2 to 3 a day) and not only did I loose 10 pounds, but I sleep like a baby and don’t toss and turn anymore.

  35. roomeyda says:

    this articles is very interesting. thanks for sharing and I hope you keep give a good articles
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  36. I check Christine post and I would say that her post has a 100 % sense. I like the line from Christine says- “Look forward to your success with satisfaction and the certainty that you are reaching the desired outcome.” having sense right? Very great post, more power to you and to Christine. Continue sharing your knowledge through this blog, because you helped many people. Regards..!!!

  37. If you are in a middle of you losing weight regime and you cant control your emotional eating, then that could spell disaster on your goals to lose that extra weight. If you cannot control the urge no matter what happen, then instead of eating unhealthy foods, you should try eating unsalted nuts, fruits or fresh vegetables salads. Avoid eating chocolates, cakes and other sweets. Turn your emotional eating habits into a advantage.

  38. I think that some of us are lucky enough where we only emotionally eat every so often (a bad day, or maybe a great day, to celebrate). If someone is emotionally eating every day though they really need to look into that alot more than just dieting and exercising

  39. Thanks for this really informative post. Yes, diet is very important. Many people failed to lose weight because of their eating habits. Eat more meals, but lesser in quantity. That’s my formula to losing weight.
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  40. Great post. Really Interesting Read!
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  41. elvieb02 says:

    i agree that eating habits is one of the major factor in weight problem, so always have to make sure to eat right and eat healthy.
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  42. Thanks for posting this article. It is very helpful to me. I will also pass this to my friends.
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  43. Many peoples eating habits are the one reason they are unhealthy and not at their ideal weight. understanding your eating habits and getting them under control really makes eating more healthy and allows people to enjoy food more.

  44. Nice Post. It is interesting to hear how you came about making it. I agree with the slow and steady approach to weight loss that you describe. So many people in the US especially have this distorted notion that they can lose a ton of weight overnight. Then when they dont they get frustrated and often times depressed. This can cause them to fall back into their old habits of eating and/or drinking leading them to gain even more weight.
    Add to that how awful most peoples diets are because we dont know how to cook at home and our portion sizes are way out of wack.
    Good stuff, keep it coming.

  45. Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information…!! ^^”
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  46. jones act says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information… Healthy diet is very much appropriated but never skip meals in order to loose weight… I agree that its good to eat mostly fruits then avoid food with high preservatives content, it won’t do good anyway… also make some work out…

  47. dietandme says:

    thanks for sharing this useful post..lost 13 kg is wonderful result
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  48. Cassy says:

    Thanks for the information, Christina’s blog is great.
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  49. always remember to eat breakfast. It is the most beneficial meal in the day, and the most important. Breakfast gives you body fuel for the day and keeps your energy levels up, and your mind alert.

  50. Nancy says:

    Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods. You need more than 40 different nutrients for good health, and no single food supplies them all. Your daily food selection should include bread and other whole-grain products; fruits; vegetables; dairy products; and meat, poultry, fish and other protein foods. How much you should eat depends on your calorie needs. Use the Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutrition Facts panel on food labels as handy references.

  51. Poker says:

    I would say eating snacks can help but choose the right one. Try to avoid unhealthy snacks like potato chips or a can of soda. Why not try eating almonds instead of potato and pineapple juice instead of a soda. Choosing the right food and knowing their calorie is one of the key to healthy eating.

  52. Well i have been lucky enough to not have to do anything special to stay in shape. I have found that ppl who believe themselves to be overweight are not so only due to wrong or overeating food. I believe if we take a little bit of care and just eat our meals on time and moderately, we can stay fit without any effort. Anybody care to disagree ?

  53. Really informative article.To loose weight dieting is not necessary healthy eating is very much important cut down your fat intake and with that do proper exercise.

  54. Well the article is so informative. I loved the part that “Many people mistake hunger for thirst.” And after keeping an eye on my diet I came to know that it really is the fact atleast for me for gaining weight.

  55. Very interesting stuff. It’s so hard to be consistent, but hopefully this will help.

  56. Coil Cords says:

    Really impressive. Eating healthy foods will make us healthy. Loosing 13kg is really impressive with eating healthy foods. I see to eat that I eat healthy foods and same with my wife and children. When i have my free time mostly we go biking anywhere with my family to keep a healthy life.
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  57. Funkf00t says:

    I’m with Scott Brim. Me and food, I just say, bring it on.

  58. Rose says:

    Some people did not realize about this. They would like to lose weight but still consuming foods that in fact bring more fat to their body. I hope this kind of people found this informative article and start to change their habits.
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  59. What a great find!

    I did the clean detox back in October and lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks, but have kept it off.

    Emotional eating has been a problem of mine in the past, but now that I cook most everything that we eat I don’t find that to be the case anymore. I just don’t keep prepared foods around the house. Plus, after making some things you just don’t feel like eating as much of it because you’ve spent so much time around it.
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  60. Hey just loved the article and when combined with your color theory of food carvings, this can surely be a way to loose weight. Thanks for the informative post.

  61. It really impressive when you can loss 13kg. I really respect Christine because she can do what I think so difficult to do. Two thumbs up for Christine =)
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  62. Very good article she posted! I think about eating snacks: i would advice to eat fruits instead of bad snaks like chips and soda.

  63. Awesome, thanks for sharing such a nice source. i am love your blog

  64. I really liked the article. The classic method of losing weight has always been the one that works best for me. Regular exercise and a balanced lean diet, however I know this genuinely doesn’t work for some people so I feel quite lucky

  65. Hey,

    The blog you link here is really helpful. I already read about it and, The author made an amazing (to say the least) post.

    She is right in all aspects. Eating the right food and exercising are really a good way to loose weight without trying to overdo your body.

    I’ll pass this blog to my friends, It really helps to enlighten our minds on proper eating.

    Thanks and I do hope to be back soon and read another post from you. 🙂

  66. Vitamins says:

    Awesome post with much helpful information. I will keep your shared facts in my mind to keep away myself from bad eating habits. Thanks for helping and sharing this.

  67. Very nice post. I am really impressed. Keep it up.
    Thank you very much.

  68. It is important to know about the term eating habits (or food habits ) refers to why and how people eat, which foods they eat, and with whom they eat, as well as the ways people obtain, store, use, and discard food. Individual, social, cultural, religious, economic, environmental, and political factors all influence people’s eating habits.
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  69. i liked you blog
    its informativeReally informative article.To loose weight dieting is not necessary healthy eating is very much important cut down your fat intake and with that do proper exercise.

  70. In indulging in some fitness program one has to be motivated to exercise and burn some fat. Also self awareness is needed, one has to be aware of their eating habit in order for them to be successful in there program.
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  71. iwan says:

    I think that by consume healty foods, balanced nutrition, a variety of nutrient-rich foods, and regular exercise is the right way to weight loss.

  72. That was a great post you let us know about. I have that problem too. I never had it when I worked in an office but now that I am working form home I have to constantly ask myself are you hungry or bored?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Cameron, I work from home too and when I was working in the office there just wasn’t the temptation – you didn’t have the kitchen right there. You had to stick to certain times. That made maintaining a healthy eating plan much easier.

  73. I agree so much with Christine on this, especially on eating consciously & not feeling guilty.

    Weight loss is not that hard if you know how. Just ‘eating right’ alone without even exercising can do the trick. Of course, exercise turbo-charges the result since it builds muscle which increase metabolism.

    But ‘eating right’ is very hard when there’s a lot of contradicting info out there. We must either try to see whether it works or not, or we can listen to people who’ve done it.

  74. Eating habit is nit easy to overcome. One has to acquire great self control in order to do this one. Thanks so much for sharing information about healthy eating habit.
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  75. I have read Christine Lindner post on Important Facts about Eating Habits. And now I’m using the tips No 5. – (If you take a smaller plate for your meals you trick your brain and eat less food). I hope I can reduce my weight at least 1 kg within a month.
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  76. great article. I’ve been struggling to loose weight for some time now and it’s just hard for me to stick to a proper eating habit. I feel bad every time I’m on a diet because I feel I’m depriving myself. Also food is something that can always cheer me up.

    Oh my. I guess I need more will power
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  77. I don’t know about the task of eating habits maybe I should read that blog later. I think it can help me also.

  78. Eating habits that can harm your health could be fatal.
    Choose to eat healthy food

  79. People who practice good nutrition, hygiene and exercise patterns develop a lifetime of habits that will keep them healthy for many years.Staying healthy includes a balanced diet, staying clean, getting plenty of exercise as well as keeping your heart strong and free of drugs.Healthy eating does not have to mean giving up foods you like best, just learn to balance the food choices you make. You can enjoy snacks and meals while still keeping yourself in good health.

  80. Health Care says:

    very nice posting. healthy eating habit can be very effective to lose weight fast.
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  81. Face peel says:

    To lose your weight you need not to do dieting….only take balanced diet and do exercise on regular basis….believe me, it works!!

  82. Awesome information and i will write some review about Christine Lindner post/
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  83. Thanks for the link! The scariest thing about eating habits is that studies show they are nearly set by the time we reach five years of age. The simple fact that we have been reinforcing those habits since childhood makes the habits even harder to break.
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  84. In this competitive era nobody is having time for caring about the health all the daily routine is disturbed due to work load. So, many people takes the medicines to loose the weight. According to the survey, we can suggest you that phenocal is the best medicine to help you to reduce the overweight.

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    I find it real hard for must people to stick to a good diet. I hope this post will help some people out.
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  86. Proper eating habits are essential for a good health. Consuming healthy foods, balanced nutrition, a variety of nutrient-rich foods, and regular exercise is the right way to weight loss. Great post you shared..

  87. Rabbit meat is a good diet product that is easily digestible and good for health.

  88. I work part time as an SEO freelancer, which means sometimes meeting datelines. So my habit habits can sometimes be irregular.
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  89. I have been on a special programme now for a few years now and I must say I feel great. Weight loss is a must , it makes you feel good and even look better. I see the whole world in a different way. A little bit of motivation and all will be great. Great Article…

  90. Eating right is a must to staying healthy. I have seen many people battle with food anxiety but after a few days of staying on the diet it gets easier. Although one time of eating poorly can result in a huge step back!

  91. amazincurves says:

    I feel your pain jamie I do SEO also, and though im healthy and have a Healthy eating structure my brain is screwed u lmao

  92. Nuesha Moore says:

    i liked your blog
    its informativeReally informative article. To loose weight dieting is not necessary healthy eating is very much important cut down your fat intake and with that do proper exercise.
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  93. I can commiserate. The one thing that helped me was adding a green smoothie to my diet every morning for breakfast. So much so that I created a site all about it…

    Great resource you got here, Petra. Thanks.
    Green Drink Recipes´s last blog post ..Green Smoothies vs Green Drinks

  94. Nuesha Moore says:

    Hey just loved the article and when combined with your color theory of food carvings, this can surely be a way to loose weight. Thanks for the informative post.
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  95. Clarissa says:

    Wow snacks can be good, but in my life they have really been a weakness. I find that the more often I eat, the more I am prone to gaining weight. The less often I eat, the less I gain weight. Really, I would control my weight much better if I could just stop snacking so much.

  96. There is more to losing weight then just eating habits. Exercise and CONSISTENCY are a huge part of it. Most people struggle with consistency

  97. Reach Trucks says:

    Before I ate too much. But now I limited food intake and follow a good diet.

  98. Thanks for sharing with us the important fats that are helpful to reduce weight and to maintain a healthy life. I am sure that there are many things that can be done to improve your eating habits that led to a healthy life. I like all the seventeen points but the two points i like the most are “Avoid processed food!” and “Exercising burns calories”. This something that i have seen been avoided by many dieters now a days. Thanks for the great post…

  99. When it comes to losing weight it’s a lot of stuff people leave out there diet and exercise. I been reading a lot of diet plans and they all have different information. So which one should someone follow if their trying to lose weight. All I can say is a good Healthy eating Menu and a good exercise plan will do fine if they just stick with it. Reading a lot of different information will make someone give up on trying to lose weight. Great Article!
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    These days all eating is driven by an emotion. We no longer need to hunt for food so we don’t eat just to survive.
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  101. It’s so important to take special care with things that you eat, checking what you are eating will be great four your health.

    Thanks for the post!!

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  104. Family Help says:

    Being healthy doesn’t only involve following eating habits but also comes with healthy lifestyle and practices.

    Sometimes we people tend to eat foods that we think nutritious enough to meet our daily needs but that’s not all depends to our diet. Still keeping healthy and well-balanced is a good thing.
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  105. Mei says:

    I lost weight because of not following a healthy eating habits. Now I’m suffering from overfatigue and flu. A healthy eating habits should be observed and follow to become healthy.
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