How Could I Let This Happen???

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Do you sometimes look in the mirror and think to yourself – its not quite THAT bad….? Ok, it’s not good, but it’s really not THAT bad…? It’s funny, that’s what’s been going on with me. I even feel quite fit and healthy, so I got into the frame of mind that things are really kind of ok, even though not great. I still want to lose weight, and quite a bit, but hey, I still look kind of ok.

Well, guess what, did I get a shock on the weekend!!! I haven’t had many photos taken of me lately, because I always seem to be the one taking them and I don’t want them to take photos because I feel so fat. But on the weekend me and my kids went to a horse beach with my dogs, and we were able to ride on some horses in the ocean. Fantastic!!! BUT – my friend took lots and lots of photos of me sitting on the horse. And oh boy, I was absolutely shocked at my appearance when I finally got to look at them. Especially when I compare the new photos with the ones from a mere 4 years ago…. Check them out:

Healthy Weight

Petra in July 2007 - 70kg - Healthy Weight

Now have a look at one taken last Sunday (Petra at a proud 81 kg – 11 kg more than 4 years ago!!!):

Unhealthy weight gain

Petra - March 2011 - 81kg - not good!

Who am I kidding when I think I am ok with the way I look? Looking at the recent photo I am just about repulsed by myself (mind you, I did not put the worst photo in here – there are a few others that are worse, but I just couldn’t put them in… 🙁 ).

I am shocked. I am more than ever determined to lose the weight – you know, it hurts if you know how you COULD look and then you see how you actually look for real.

Did I get a wake up call? I hope so. I really have to ask myself, – HOW could I let this weight gain happen? I am more than ever determined to lose the weight. I want to be my thinner and healthier self again. On top of everything, I have noticed that I am starting to get varicose veins – and they sure will get a lot worse if I don’t start to do something about my weight.

Have you ever been fairly complacent about your weight and have then been shocked into actually seeing “what is”? Has it made you more determined to stick to eating healthier and less to get rid of the excess weight? And have you then actually achieved permanent weight loss? I would like to hear from you if you have also fallen into the perception trap, and if/how you managed to turn it around.

I will keep you posted on what’s happening in my world of weight loss!

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  1. It is not good to have 11kg weight in 4 years. I will recommend you Yoga is the best to keep you smart. As I have always practiced it.

  2. You look lovely in both pictures! There’s nothing wrong with a little motivation, but don’t beat yourself up! I’ve had the best weight loss success when I take the focus off the weight and instead work on getting happy, healthy and energized. It really works!!
    [email protected]´s last blog post ..There’s No Diet for Emotional Eating

  3. Yes, yes and no… I want to lose weight, but when I get home from work I’m so tired that I look in the mirror and perception takes over “ah, i’m not that bad”… how does one break this cycle??

  4. Nancy Thomas says:

    nice post, i like it. thanks for sharing it.
    Nancy Thomas´s last blog post ..Common Childhood Diseases

  5. The strange thing about gaining weight is that you easily get comfortable with the kilos that you have. At some point i had approximately 85 KG. I can say that is was an ideal weight. The the holidays came and other various events and slowly i started to gin weight. I reached 90 kilos but i was still not very worried. The somehow i found my self close to 100 kilos. So definitely that you need to be extremely careful and the most important thing is to set limits about what and how much you eat.

  6. Definitely, business is useless if we are unhealthy enough just because who can manage a business in a proper way if the leader is weak even facing sickness? Of course we are required to have a healthy body and a happy life as well. Entering a business world is not just easy as we thought because there are a lot of consequences; we must secure the future of our family. Family is the root why we are acquiring to get success in life. That’s why I totally agree with the post here it gives inspiration enough for us even to those business-minded people. Keep it up! I am thankful enough to read this blog; I highly appreciate the writes up here.

  7. Johan Wall says:

    I need some weight loss also, but it’s hard for me to loose weight I can’t stop my crave for eating specially when you are eating on a restaurant discount and eat all you can promos…can you help me ma’m?

  8. Hi Petra! I also have weight problems right now. I have increased my weight and I have developed unwanted bulges in my belly. Now, I am decreasing my intake of carbohydrates and sweets so I can stop and control my weight gain and go back to my usual weight. I also plan of taking daily walks in the park to help me lose those unwanted pounds.
    pat @ lifestyler treadmill´s last blog post ..Lifestyler Treadmill

  9. By the way, I will keep you posted for any developments. Thanks!
    pat @ lifestyler treadmill´s last blog post ..Lifestyler Treadmill

  10. Sometimes it takes a bit of a wake up call to get motivated. It wouldn’t be too hard for you to lose weight if you commit to the idea. We all struggle with this problem once in a while. I wish you the best of luck.

  11. There are various kinds of techniques are available to loose your weight like liposuction and some exercise but all of them give you a lot of stress.Instead of this,you can go for a protein supplement which will help you to burn your fat and also help for loosing the weight.

  12. You can also incorporate energy healing into your routine to help focus on your goals and visualize them as well to help keep your positive mental attitude during this time!

  13. You look cute and healthy in both of those pictures but losing some weight wouldn’t hurt. Even little amounts of extra weight might pose serious health risks with aging. Staying fit should be the top priority of everyone. Congrats for standing up for your body!
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  14. I am so happy for you because you are so determined to lose your weight. And look at you now, very young and active. Just continue what you are doing and live life to the fullest.

  15. Stick to the healthy diets and exercise 30 minutes everyday is the key to loss weight effectively. My aunt has lost 4 kg in a month, just because she reduce intake of carbohydrate and sugar
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  16. Jaquita says:

    It does seem like every time someone gets into this funk that it’s so hard to get out of it again. There’s a lot of motivational reasons behind that.

    People get comfortable or simply give up on controlling it if it things hit the fan with life etc.
    Once you’re in that body for too long, it gets harder and harder to go back

    People looking for help in that regard should check out a website I found that actually sells, real non-homeopathic HCG drops. A lot of people have achieved some good results using this if this rut just doesn’t budge for you.

  17. Liebeszauber says:

    Losing weight really is very tiring. But with great determination and hard work definitely you’ll lose weight (as people say) but for me when I knew I am polycystic due to over weight I knew I have to change fast…lose weight fast so GO!
    Liebeszauber´s last blog post ..Daring Dorothy Dix- Sexy Hexe- 1928

  18. Karen says:

    No kidding. I had this sort of shock. I had in my head a picture of myself at about 160lbs. In reality I was carrying over 100lbs more than that. My boyfriend took a nude photo of me and when I saw it I just sat and sobbed. The next day I threw all the crap out of the cupboards and said “that’s it!”
    Karen´s last blog post ..Early morning exercise

  19. Amazing article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative

  20. Weight loss has been a very serious issue not only to people of older age but has been into very focus in adolescent age too. There are various pills, lotions, creams, therapies like liposuction available with hefty charges obtaining us nil results. The best way is to go ‘natural’. Yoga on the other hand is very effective. It not only rejuvenates your body & soul but also energizes you from within. Makes you feel confident & increases your stamina. Also, go for fibrous foods, sprouted grains, peel a slice of lemon in hot water just after you get up, would add a value to your hard work. Also, start either daily 30mins brisk walk or play some sport or maybe gym would help you. I feel the best way is to do SuryaNamaskar which has an edge over every exercise.

  21. Rachel says:

    Every morning when I look in the mirror I think just that, its not too bad but its not that good either, then I start my yoga, where would I be without it, phew

  22. Gaining 11kgs in 4 years is very shocking & this needs quick lookout. Well, would suggest you to go for proper nutritious diet, Power Yoga, brisk walking for 30mins daily. Also, would inform you reduce your carbohydrate content which will certainly boost up your confidence & morale & feel you fresh!!

  23. I know exactly what you mean. Today my husband saw me eating fries and said ‘you are happiest when you are eating.’ It was so far from the truth I thought…what it it with being overweight and everyone thinks that’s all you care about?
    Diana from Dukan Diet´s last blog post ..Dukan Diet And Diet Soda

  24. Hey Petra! Don’t be too hard on yourself okay? with the right attitude, determination and whole lot of healthy living, you’ll definitely get your ideal weight. Good luck!
    [email protected]´s last blog post ..Af- Rasmus

  25. Its a heck of a lot harder to maintain your weight as you get older, im learning that now, exercise will do it for you its just harder to commit to exercise.

  26. I too have fallen into that trap of putting taking care of myself last, and it was pictures that woke me up. It was photos from a recent vacation. In them I saw a much more ‘pudgy’ or soft body than I perceived I had.

    I started a fitness journal, where I document my goals, and actually write out my workouts and check them off when done. It’s like a project and it reminds me to make me and my health a top priority.
    Stacy @ K Cups Best Price´s last blog post ..Reusable K Cup – My-Kap

  27. Karen says:

    I know this feeling very well. It was seeing a photo of myself (naked!! OMG) taken by my partner that made me realise how overweight I was. And with a BMI over 40 (morbid obesity range) I really did need that wakeup call!
    Karen´s last blog post ..Burglarised!

  28. TheTrainer says:

    That’s still a gorgeous picture!
    It’s always hard to keep perspective when you see yourself in the mirror or in pictures, but the scale never lies.
    Just keep stepping on those scales for motivation and remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint 😉

  29. Sinea says:

    I know how you feel. I’ve tried just about everything, only to go back to my old habits. Just started the Dukan Diet. What I like about it is that his goal was to find a way that people would never put the old weight back on again. I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Sinea´s last blog post ..Finishing the School Year Like a Champ – Part Two

  30. Golam Kayes says:

    get slimming you have to leave red meat you should be vegetarian. if you want to learn more about that please visit
    health food illness

  31. It’s really easy to overlook a pound or two weight gain here and there. Then all the sudden you realize that those 1 or 2 pounds turned into 20 over time. What I have did is that I don’t buy bigger size clothes once I gain a few pounds. When your clothes are too tight it provides a constant reminder that you need to get back to your healthy weight. In the past whenever I just bought larger size more comfortable clothes it didnt’ take long for those sizes to become too tight too! LOL.
    Konjac Root Powder´s last blog post ..Konnyaku Noodles For Weight Loss- Zero Carb- Calorie

  32. Hi Petra,
    First time at your blog.
    First of all, many of us have our struggles with weight. But I want to congratulate you for your courage to share your pics with the world.
    I blog about fitness and goals in general so I know a bit about these things.
    The good news is this: You can make a starting point of your new journey at anytime.
    PS: You are beautiful.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      :-O 🙂 Thanks, Derek! You just made my day! I will keep at it, and I know eventually I will break through. Thanks for the encouragement!

  33. Dear Petra, just a piece of advice, please don’t lose your goal target even if you don’t achieve your results at one go!!! Losing weight requires strenuous exercises & dedication which is very important not only just too look physically fir but also internally you should be sounding good when you undergo various kinds of blood tests like CBC etc… I feel you should motivate yourself at every point of time & also ask your colleagues to motivate you at every point which is very vital. There are many more people who are obsessed with their body profile, defining that they can’t lose weight even after undergoing gyms, hitting treadmills, applying hundreds of lotions & creams, but they forget that these marketing gimmicks will just let the company earn full value & leave you in a cry as you are just left behind with zero value of results!!! Trust your will & wish!!

  34. Herbalife says:

    I love your Blog…I am a wellness coach and currently am conducting 2 weight loss challenges and have seen amazing resullts from some pretty amazing people! Any Body can lose weight if you just manage what you eat and add in a little exercise! Good Luck to all you!

  35. I find it is very easy to put on the pounds when the weather turns a bit colder and the nights draw in sooner. That’s where the term comfort food comes in really I guess. It has a few extra calories in it but it sure feels good to eat when it’s dark and cold outside. I always try to find time for exercise though even if it is not traditional exercise like the gym. It’s tough though, I know the pound will come on over the winter.

  36. I know the feeling Petra. Don’t be too hard on yourself and keep your head up 🙂

    You can do it 😀
    [email protected]´s last blog post ..Great golf tips that will improve your game

  37. Want to wish you all the best.
    97 Day Challenge´s last blog post ..Day 3 – Nutrition for weight loss

  38. Focus is something we need when we are following a schedule for diet or loosing weight.. Its really not easy to quiet some of our favourite stuff and start eating food which is healthy but not our liking…. Really hats off for the way you have gone through …. keep writing….. Love reading your post its quiet encouraging…

  39. Alen says:

    I guess for you to really lose weight is that you need to have the determination to sacrifice the unhealthy lifestyle you are in right now. So, good luck Petra. Hope to see a slimmer picture of you in a few months.
    Alen´s last blog post ..Lifestyler Treadmill – A Perfect Exercise Machine for Us

  40. I seem to go in fits and spurts and have once again gained too much weight. I am having trouble losing again, but I will move forward NOW. Good luck in your weight loss.
    [email protected] Seeds´s last blog post ..Lots of Snow and Cardio

  41. I have never had weight problems and it’s mostly due to the fact that I’m a high energy user. I never allow myself to stop. I’m never stressed but I just keep moving physically and mentally.

  42. Omega 3 says:

    Wow you’re so honest with how you feel about yourself which is really a credit it you . The mirror can be such an enemy as well as a friend

  43. Losing weight is some kind of a therapy for those who are frustrated with their obese life. I lost those extra pounds for like years with determination. And feeling fulfilled with my body now. You have a great post. inspiring one!

  44. Its really fantastic … hats off to you for you did a tremendous weight loss… and believe me you looking so beautiful. But do you think your strategy can work on others too…. I mean even i am over weight and interested in fast weight loss… Do advice me….

  45. Tony Rovere says:


    The important thing is not to beat yourself up over this. It happened and now you need to take the tests that are necessary to take off the 11 kg.

    First of all, you need a set of clearly defined goals and a plan for how to do this:

    All of the ideas and submissions thus far, such as yoga, have been great, but you need to understand WHY it is important to you to lose weight.

    Once you figure out your ‘why’ then the ‘how’ is easy.
    Tony Rovere´s last blog post ..Good Cholesterol Level

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Tony, I think you have a point here – WHY do I want to lose weight? I need to become clear about this and then go from there. Thank you!

  46. Fred says:

    Your own perception of yourself is important, so continue with your weightloss goals until you reach a place were you are both healthy and happy with yourself.

  47. Permanent weight loss is not impossible. I reduced 20 kg and never gained them back! All I did was yoga, walk and healthy diet. Once a month I would eat things that I otherwise don’t. I would have an ice-cream on the last Sunday or chocolate cake, but only once a month and in limited quantity. I have a very balanced and healthy diet that keeps me active and fit. I practice yoga with an expert and make sure not to miss my morning walk. When I miss I walk in the evening, empty stomach. Just be happy, move in the right direction and persevere.

  48. Emma says:

    Your efforts are good.But i want to suggest you The yoga.This is really a good way to loose the wait.Then you can also start diet plan.Eat lots and lots of fruits and totally avoid the oily food.Also avoid the junk food.Fruits help you to maintain your health and also help to your teeth.It gives glow on the teeth and your face.i am doing all this from last year and i must say i had a best result.I loss 12kg and looking good.
    Emma´s last blog post ..joanna-after-final

  49. This is why I don’t own a full-length mirror, LOL. Denial works just fine for me…
    [email protected]’ Crafts´s last blog post ..Your 4th of July Invite is Red- White- and Blue-tiful

  50. Thank you for posting this article about weight loss, one of the easiest things I did that helped me lose weight was to start walking. I bought the most comfortable walking shoes and started hitting the pavement.

    Thank you for posting this article about proper nutrition, it will be very helpful to me when I start my diet. After years of being sedentary I was told, I needed to get into shape or I could end up have heart issues because my cholesterol was high. I starting reading a blog and it gave me ideas on how to get in a good walking workout.

  51. You are a very strong person. So determined, so much of self control and unbelievable inner power… How are you able to continue with diet so well … I mean i always tend to lose control and not able to at all stick on my diet to reduce weight… though i need to reduce 10 kgs…?

  52. It is good that you accept the problem by yourself! I wish to achieve your goal. But don’t remember the way of loosing weight is long and slow. Do not hurry!!!

  53. Amazed to hear from Jacob about determination…. People have so much of determination and strength to resist… Wow!!! …. I am very inspired from you all guys… Slow and steady wins the race too…

  54. Although I think you look fine in both pics, if you wanna lose weight there’s you have my encouragement! I say, if you don’t like the way you look, that’s fine, as long as it leads to healthy lifestyle changes, not unhealthy changes – physically or mentally.
    [email protected] Training´s last blog post ..When You need to lose weight fast…

  55. Hello Petra,
    Let first tell you, You are looking so damn beautiful.
    Its really hard to keep up a proper diet for long.
    You know what i many times think of dieting and land up eating more.
    Don’t you think that the BMR can lower when we have calories less than 1200kcal ???

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Neil, thanks for the compliment!! 🙂 On the calories issue, you should not go below 1200 cal a day because then the body will slow down the metabolism because it thinks hard times are going to come. And the last thing you want to do is slow down your metabolism, the one thing that burns your fat.

      • I agree that you should not go below 1200 cal a day. The best way to avoid overeating is by eating the right foods and the correct portion size. Try to eat more protein and high fiber foods and eat less carbohydrates and processed foods. You will find that you will stay full longer and over time the weight will come off.

  56. Mena says:

    For me it was when I caught a glimpse of my arms in the mirror when I was out clubbing. I was horrified because in my mind I still had my well toned dancers body. Nah!

    The final straw came when I tried to fit into an old pair of skinny cut jeans and they decided to fight me back. Been on a mission to lose weight ever since and have to say each week a few more pounds are shed. I WILL get into those jeans by end of July!

  57. Nice Post! Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone and requires dedication. I find the most effective way is lifting heavy weights but so many men and women are afraid to pick up heavy weights because they think that they will build up to much muscle, this could not be any further from the truth. Its your nutrition that builds the muscle, lots of protein and carbs. Dont be afraid of weights they are the best way to lose excessive weight.
    [email protected] Tips´s last blog post ..The Great Abs Mistake!

  58. Hi Jacob,
    I liked your way of being on a healthy and a balanced diet. Even I have my favorite food once in a month. But I don’t do yoga. Instead I go for Gyming 5 days a week and I rest on weekends 😛 But these days I am so confused that I don’t understand what to avoid and what not to avoid. My dietician has asked me to avoid the consumption of caffeine but on one of the blogs it was mentioned by a doctor that consumption of coffee and tea is good for health.

  59. Informing family and friends of your desire to lose weight will help them to support you in your goals. Even better if others join you and you can have a fun weight loss and fitness club at home. Motivating yourself can be difficult but when there is a motivational group surrounding you, then you are more likely to stick to your diet.

  60. Yes, I’ve been there. Looking in the mirror thinking everything is alright, only to find out from looking at pictures that you were completely wrong. Ugh. It’s times like this that I am so glad to know there are solutions!

  61. Hi Petra,
    a post from the heart eh! Even a shocked one after seeing the photographs in comparison with the earlier ones. It is just so easy to not notice that you are putting on weight. Then after a few years of not really paying attention you have a bit of a job on your hands. I think you look beautiful by the way.
    I recently had 3 students come to me asking for help and advice about weight loss. One lady had put weight on over a few years as she was looking after her family before anything else, next thing she knows she has gained XX kgs. Anyway with a little encouragement and two forty five minute sesions a week with me she lost nearly twelve kgs in less than three months, no starvation diets or anything daft though.
    The other two were middle aged men. One of them had basically forgot to exercise for years and had a big beer belly (his words not mine). Anyway he lost 9 kgs in about the same time (3ish months) He is 46. the other guy was a bit of a weight lifter guy, but he wanted to look more defined, after a couple of months he had lost 7kgs, funnily enough he was also 46 and the lady was about 40 ish (not polite to say too much on a ladies age)
    Anyway they were not spring chickens is what I am saying and they all tried out some kickboxing workouts with us (no one hits anyone by the way). They loved it and are all still training now even though they have hit their targets for weight loss.
    We run great classes for weight loss, and everyone has great fun doing it. Why not try it out where you live, find a professional school and they should look after you.
    Hope to connect again later, best of luck 🙂

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful input here, Janine! I am sure that kickboxing is a great way to stay fit and lose a few kg’s, I even have a couple of friends doing it. Congratulations to your clients who have lost so much weight! You must be doing it right! 🙂

  62. SkinnyMe says:

    What your talking about is motivation. Or a lack of it. It’s hard to get, and stay, motivated for a long-term process like weight loss. One motivating factor in weight loss is being able to get an actual idea of what you’d like like should your weight loss plan be successful. If you want an interesting way to see what you’d look like if you do lose weight, check out the iTunes store for the iApp SkinnyMe. You can use your iPhone to take a picture of yourself, then use the app to set a “skinny factor” to realistically alter the picture so it shows just what you’d look like if you lost a certain amount of weight. Seeing an actual picture of yourself thin is definitely motivating! You can read more about the iApp at see myself thin.

  63. Edward says:

    Regarding on the 2nd Picture its Look like you are Happy or fine. how come you are sad in that Picture? I understand your Problem I know it is not Easy to have a big Weight. but Don’t give up about that. There’s a lot of way to loss your Weight. you need to do Hard Exercise Every Day…
    Edward´s last blog post ..haagise rent

  64. One of the best things for motivation you can do is to take a photo in a swimsuit or less (for yourself only) and keep it somewhere that you see it often. The fridge or pantry is best to keep you from braking the good habits. keep at it.
    class 3 weapons license´s last blog post ..A Short Video of Our Shooting Site

  65. I used to play volleyball professionally and I had to give it up because of a serious knee injury. I got a job and then another one, and soon enough from a professional athlete I became a couch potato.

    Soon enough, I got the same wake up call like you did! I was shocked. I thought that my six pack was here to stay.

    Anyway, nowadays I am combining swimming with jumping rope. It gives slow and gradual results, but I’m satisfied with where it’s heading. Why don’t you try it out as well?
    Ana @ Ensayos´s last blog post ..Cómo Hacer Un Ensayo De Causa-Efecto

  66. Desiree says:

    I’ve had a wake up call. And I’m answering it with all my might.

    But, I’m also learning be okay, confident, and happy in the moment.

    Its tough, but its better for me. And, I care more about the choices I make when I treat myself right.
    Desiree´s last blog post ..A New Me

  67. Ericka says:

    wow sounds like your doing awesome! Im doing the diet and work out even lost 4lbs this week!

  68. I can’t believe I found this post, It is so honest and genuine. I also looked a few photos of myself on vacation and was shocked at what I was looking at. How did all of that weight sneak up on me. I came home and quietly started my weight loss plan. I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off for 5 years now. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us!
    [email protected] SR, TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream´s last blog post ..Can Anti Aging Skincare Boost Your Body Image

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Dori, what an awesome success for you!!! 50 lbs is fantastic, and keeping it off also! I admire you and wish you all the best!

  69. Healthy Living says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from I was once there myself. It took me a very long time to get myself motavated once I did I had great results. Motavation is the key and yes very hard to keep it at times. There was several times I wanted to just give up but kept telling myself you are doing this for your health. I feel your pain I wish you all the best. By the way you are a very beautiful lady.

  70. Amy @Glitec Loans says:

    It’s so easy to gain weight but it takes extra effort to lose. I felt the same thing you did – you know, comparing before and after photos, it is so disgusting! I have tried a lot of lose weight programs but it is very hard for me to maintain it considering my work.
    Amy @Glitec Loans´s last blog post ..Early Redemption Penalties – Am I Being Ripped Off?

  71. I had my wake up call when I realised my underwear became too tight and I had to switch to a bigger size. That was about two years ago. I managed to get rid of all extra weight by skating for two hours a day, five or six times a week, for about three months. Now I don’t skate that much anymore, but I do exercise 3-4 days a week. I’m happy with my weight… and my last meal of the day is almost always by midnight 🙂
    Violeta @ Tiny Diet´s last blog post ..The Duke Online Weight Loss Program

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Wow, Violeta, skating fo two hours a day, five or six times a week…. You must have been very determined! I wouldn’t be able to keep this up. Good on you that you stuck through it and it actually worked!

  72. lida says:

    Motivation is one of the super slim for the equation that yields long term weight loss success. The question is how do you maintain the motivation to attain the ultimate goal? Regardless if your weight loss goal is 20 pounds or 100 pounds you must change your thinking to change your behavior and writing makes that happen.Weight loss really does begin in your head. Every successful athlete understands that his thinking process is either working for him or against him. The same holds true with weight loss. If your internal dialogue is negative, your results will eventually manifest the same result! You can’t degrade yourself to a healthy new you! You must change your thinking to work for you, to build your resolve, and to maintain that all important motivational factor.Writing is an super slim pomegranate that will help your mind change its thinking! It allows you to process the negative emotions and helps to instill the positive changes. Start with these simple exercises:1.The super slim diet pills Daily Dump: Many success coaches advocate writing out your negative thinking on a daily basis. Simply spend approximately 15 minutes writing out all the frustrations, bad feelings, and discouragement. This helps you to process these bad feelings out of your system so that you can make room for positive affirmations. Do not reread the entries and do not keep them. Write it out, and then throw it out.We call this the Negative Emotions Daily Dump.

  73. jency says:

    Hi petra

    Nice article and photos. i am also affect in over weight issue, i had many supplements for lose weight. thanks for your great care. have a nice day.

  74. Same situation for me, I gained about 10 kgs and I am so surprised.
    I don’t want this belly fat anymore.
    I am trying to lose weight now.

    [email protected] manteau enfant´s last blog post ..Manteau enfant pas cher

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