Hi, my name is Petra.

Healthy Diet Weight Loss is a website I have created for all of you out there who are sick and tired of all the dieting, counting calories, and trying all the newest and greatest weight loss gadgets, pills and shakes out there in the quest for the perfect figure, fitness and health. We all know now that they ultimately don’t work!

I want this to be a website where everybody can share their experiences, where you can find tips and ideas for a healthy, balanced lifestyle and nutrition, which in return will always lead to weight loss and better health.

As I have been on diets almost all my life, I have tried and tested so many diets and literally have come full circle. Now, at 40, I have come to realize that simple diets do not work in the long run, and have started to make the necessary changes to achieve a better overall health and at the same time start losing some of these unwanted pounds literally “magically” – without dieting!

Currently I am in the process of getting this site up and running, so please be a little patient and come back soon!

To a better health and a great figure!