The Healthy Diet That Works Like A Treat!

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If you are desperately looking for a healthy diet that works and that you can actually stick to, you might want to try what I am about to reveal to you. I read about this in the Magazine “Woman’s Day” here in Australia, and it is the most sensible, easy to follow diet I have come across, and it is really workingThis is it!

We all know a lot about dieting, I could even bet that lots of us know pretty much everything there is to know about diets and how to lose weight. Most people who are battling with their weight become actually quite knowledgeable in weight loss over time – after all, if you are trying to lose weight it is something you constantly think about, read about and hear about.

So the big problem doesn’t really lie in us not knowing how to lose weight, but in actually sticking to a diet.  That is because most diets are quite restrictive in what you can eat, when you can eat, and how much you can eat. If a diet needs a lot of will power to work, most of us will fail. We need something that will be easier to follow, a diet that works even without us giving up too much.

When I read about Susie Maroney’s diet in the Woman’s Day Magazine, I knew I had come across something great!

  • no calorie counting
  • no just eating protein
  • no starvation
  • no hunger pangs
  • lots of food during the day
  • no “special” shopping to be done
  • and all healthy!!!

There are just a few simple things to consider, and they really aren’t that hard. Here are the main rules of the diet that works:

  • eat 5 meals a day (yeah, yeah, we have heard that one before!LOL). They should roughly consist of the following:
  1. Breakfast: porridge and a piece of toast OR just porridge OR just a couple of pieces of toast (high fiber, low GI bread, if you can. No butter)
  2. Mid-morning Snack: A piece of fruit/a tub of low fat yoghurt/a crumpet with honey
  3. Lunch: Salad Sandwich with tuna, ham, chicken or turkey. Again, high fiber, low GI bread if possible.
  4. Afternoon Snack: Guess what – you have the same choice as you had for the mid-morning snack. You could also choose a handful of nuts instead.
  5. Dinner: Tuna/Steak/Chicken (skinless) with either salad (low fat dressing) or steamed vegetables.
  • Do not eat carbohydrates after 3 pm!
  • Have dinner finished by 6 pm!
  • Keep doing your usual exercise, or start some light exercise (choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator; park your car further away from the entrance of the shopping center; take an evening walk for about 30 minutes…. you will find something!)

If you stick to these few points, your weight should start to FALL off you. I think it really doesn’t get any better than this.

I would love to hear if any of you try it and how you go with the diet that works!

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  1. Brad says:

    Nice job. I completely agree with you.

  2. yvonne says:

    Great site!!!!! Good health is very important with the high cost of medical coverage. We need to have a healther lifestyle by taking care of our health eating and exercising. I am a cancer survivor and I know. Our health is our greatest asset. Keep up the Good Work!!!!!

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Yvonne, you are so right! I am very happy for you that you have survived cancer, I wish you many happy and healthy years!

  3. Any program that encourages healthy eating and more exercise is a step in the right direction.

  4. ideal kilo says:

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  5. Emrecang says:

    This is really usefull article,Thank you
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  6. Mark Moran says:

    I love the quality of the information on this site, as an insurance broker i know full well the price of insurance premiums these days,so a good educational site like this is paramount to educating people to a healthy life style.

    Well Done

    Mark Moran
    .-= Mark Moran´s last blog ..Weight Loss Motivation =-.

  7. ruel says:

    Great post, a healthy diet and exercise is alway a step in the right direction…

  8. All the things are simply good with out conditions of counting, but for dinner you can take negative calories vegetables, instead of chicken you can take toor dall for protein ……….
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  9. Alvin Lee says:

    As a whole, our population is getting overweight because many of us prefer to eat out at fast food outlets and enjoy tastier foods laden with hidden oil, saturated fat, margarine, preservatives, sugar, coloring and unhygienic preparations that are adversely affecting our well-being.


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  10. Great information and article. You’re absolutely right, if you make a diet too hard to follow, people won’t stick to it. A couple other little tips for losing weight: Try to drink 3 – 4 glasses of ice water during the day – the colder the better for burning additional calories. Also if you are able to walk for even 5 minutes right after eating your body is much more likely to burn those calories for energy rather than store them as fat.

  11. In addition to all these great comments, I think it’s important to give in to a craving you have for something “bad” every now and then, such as chocolate. I honestly think you’re much more likely to suceed with a diet in the long-term if you let yourself have a treat now and then.
    .-= [email protected] tea´s last blog ..The Benefits of Chinese Herbal Slimming Tea =-.

  12. The diet you suggest sounds pretty reasonable and I especially like the multiple small meals, as well as their timing. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always plan ahead and I think that may be my downfall.

  13. I always eat after 6pm! I’m up all the time, so I have to. I hate feeling hungry. That diet sounds really great. Reading about the salad with low fat dressing made me hungry :-p

  14. It looks like a protein-based diet. As proteins have a high satiety power is possible then to avoid the hunger pangs. A little low in calories for men.

  15. If you absolutely must eat after 6pm, lean protein is your best bet. And other than protein, try fibrous fruits and vegetables. These foods are low in fat and will keep you fuller for longer.
    .-= [email protected] training tips´s last blog ..How to Build Muscle Fast =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Phil, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Lean protein, fibrous fruits and vegetables after probably 3pm (even better than 6pm!). This also ties in somewhat with one of my earlier posts about negative calorie foods. Thanks for your input!

  16. This diet is really a protein based diet, quite like south beach diet. This is really an effective way of dieting; however, this will be very challenging for individuals who cannot stay away from their cravings or can never do away from their temptation to eat more carbos. I think the best choice for me is to know your body first and research the different diets there is and choose the best ones for you. Health experts can also help you in the process
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  17. Great tips there Phil. I lost a lot of weight just by following that advice alone! My doctor told me that after I went to see him about my weight. I used that advice combined with lots of exercise and eating healthier in general and now i am almost at my target weight 🙂
    .-= [email protected] weight loss tips´s last blog ..Top 10 Weight Loss Tips =-.

  18. p90x says:

    This is a great way to lose weight because it speeds up your metabolism. Most people when trying to lose weight actually do the opposite and then when they start eating again they gain all the weight back.

  19. I agree with p90x wholeheartedly…I get it totally wrong everytime I try and lose weight. I just stop eating period throughout the day and then gorge myself at night…Yikes!

    I totally screw up my metabolism and though I do drop a few a pounds not only do I gain that weight back I actually gain more weight because after denying myself for so long I go on a feeding frenzy…Poof* Then I’m worse off than when I started.

    Hence the reason I landed on this page. I actually know how to lose weight correctly or atleast the fundamentals I just can never figure out what I should actually be eating and how much of it.

    I really like that menu up there and could easily incorporate that into my regime (only I’m not exactly sure what a crumpet is?) I’ll Google that one ;)~ But hooha I’ll manage.

    Thanks for this really cool informative site and keep up the helpful information. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Too! (i noticed your header;) Take Care…I’ll Be Back!
    .-= [email protected] Diets Reviews´s last blog ..Fast Diets #1 Top Pick – Extreme Fat Loss =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Mark,
      thanks for a comment that is exactly like they all should be – informative, interesting and contributing to my blog! Have you found out what a crumpet is yet? It has got lots of holes – that’s probably why it doesn’t make you fat… 😉

  20. Expert-Nutrition allows you to understand everything you need to know about nutrition, including recommended dietary intakes and what the science says about nutritional supplements. We aim to make nutrition easy to understand and will ultimately help you to make educated decisions about your diet and your health.

  21. I found one of the best ways to lose weight and get healthier was to change one unhealthy habit per week. I started with cutting out eating chips (my guilty pleasure). Then the next week I would would start to buy only lean meats. And then I started eating greens with with every dinner. And so on. It was far easier than just jumping on a diet plan and trying to change years of habits all at once.
    Markus @ Slimming Teas´s last blog post ..Acai Fat Burn

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Markus, what a great tactic! Instead of trying to stick to healthier foods and eat more “good stuff”, you start the other way around and eliminate the bad! Might well be worth a try!

  22. Remember another part of eating less is sleep. researchers have found people who sleep less eat 500+ more calories a day then usual. Diet is important but it has to be combined with lifestyle changes also to be effective.
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