Taking Stock Of My Holidays – Weight Wise…

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Petra in all her glory...

Petra in all her glory...

Ok, I am back home in Australia since Monday night, 1am. Completely exhausted, stuffed full with airline food (which can taste bloody nice if eating is pretty much the only thing you can do on a long flight!), happy to be back “home” in Australia, but also very sad to have had to leave my other “home” Germany. That’s one of the pitfalls that’s hit me after I decided to move to another country after growing up somewhere else – whenever I am in Australia, I will miss Germany, and when I am in Germany, I will miss Australia! Torn between two homes – I am sure some of you can relate to that!

Anyway, back to taking stock of my holidays: I am happy to report that even though I went to a lot of festivals and had a lot of yummy German food, the end result is not as shockingly bad as it could have been – only 1.5 kg gained in 4 weeks! I think that’s ok.

So what did I do during my holidays?

  • I ate pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted.
  • I tried to eat smaller portions (like, only one scoop of ice cream instead of 2 or 3; mind you, I never missed the cream, I just love it!)
  • Attempted when out to choose meals with more vegetables and meat/poultry/fish and tried not to order fries, potatoes, noodles etc. But when I did (occasionally), then the way I like them: with mayonnaise, cream sauce etc… (sure, those extra kilos had to come from somewhere!) 😉
  • I did not fret over my weight as much as I do at home (Australia). I just “let it be”, so to speak. Sure, I stood on the scale fairly regularly, but I did not recoil in horror when confronted with a higher number, just took it as it was and decided to try and get it back down.
  • In the first week, I actually attempted some exercise (!!!!!!!) – the first 4 or 5 days I went enthusiastically for brisk early morning walks through the German summer fields and forests, taking in the atmosphere and tranquility (it is beautiful, I am not just saying that!), at the same time trying to get my heart rate up to 120+, and I had actually fun doing it. Then it rained a few times in the mornings, and my resolve dwindled and disappeared, to be replaced by eating freshly baked pretzels with butter instead. 😉

So, even though I am back up to 78 kg, I trust myself enough now to get back into a “better” lifestyle here, and more low GI foods, more protein, vegetables and fruit. I am still convinced that The Diet Solution Program (as mentioned in one of my earlier posts) combined with low GI will be the way to go for me. Shame on me, I was supposed to review The Diet Solution Program and have simply not had the time to get right into it! But what I have read so far gives me greatest confidence in Isable De Los Rios’ knowledge and ability to change lives for the better.

So, let’s see what happens over the next few weeks, ok? BTW, I have decided to put my weight loss ticker up (read the last paragraph!); I am taking responsibility for my weight gain! 🙂

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  1. nile river cruises says:

    Hey Petra, i think you are best compare to me, i gained 4 kg’s for 2 weeks stay in Africa (no good food other than indian restaurants), but i have used to travel in flights for many time, yes ofcourse they are not allowing cellphones etc, food is the only entertainment…….

  2. Petra, welcome back! Looking forward to your new posts. I also gained a little bit of weight recently when I was away in England. I think I should be back down to the right weight soon.
    .-= medical assistant employment´s last blog ..The Expected Salary Of a Medical Assistant =-.

  3. psihologiya says:

    I don’t see anything nice in gaining 1.5 kg in four weeks. If you just eat well you may even not use scales – and not gain any kg – this is what I think normal.

  4. If you don’t put on weight on holiday it ain’t been a good holiday, you have to enjoy yourself, and 1.5kg isn’t really that bad!
    Jillian @ Aromatherapy Tips´s last blog post ..Common Do’s and Don’t for Aromatherapy Beginners

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