More Tips To Lose Weight – Urgency helps!

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No matter what, whatever you do to try and lose weight, there is no quick fix and no easy way out. If there was, there wouldn’t be many overweight people any more, don’t you think? But there are certainly tips and tricks to make losing weight maybe a little easier.

One of the best tips to lose weight is actually to create some urgency to your weight loss. What I mean by that if there is anything in the future, for example an event like a wedding or meeting some old friends and wanting to look fabulous, then it can help you with your resolve to lose weight if you work towards that goal. Work out how much you want to have lost by the time this event happens, and then work out what you want to do to lose that weight. You will see that sticking to your plan will be easier once you have got a target in front of you.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Of course it works best if the desire to reach that target is greater than the desire to eat the chocolate cake in front of you! Or if the pain of possibly not reaching your target is greater than the pleasure you would gain from eating the chips right now. Know what I mean?

For me this “goal” I want to reach is a trip back to Germany to see my family and old friends. I wanted to lose at least 5 kgs before I met them all again, because last time they saw me I was a fair bit skinnier, and the thought of them seeing me like this now just made me freak out. So this goal helped me to actually get going with my weight loss.

I have to admit that I haven’t lost what I wanted to lose, but by the time I am going to see them (in 1 weeks time) I will have lost 3 kgs, and I am quite happy with that.

So one of my tips to lose weight is to set yourself a goal and a time line, create some urgency, and your “will power” will be a little stronger than before when it comes to eating the food in front of you. 🙂

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  1. Sara says:

    Pretty nice post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked reading your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  2. Great article! You’re absolutely correct… if you have to do something by a certain date, you’re more likely to get focused and do it.

  3. Yes that’s a really good tip. I think it applies to just about anything in life to be honest, not just weight loss.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Why Diets Don’t Work for Most People =-.

  4. Its like most links, when you add a deadline, something to aim for you will always work quicker. I know when somebody rings up saying they need something in two days, I LOVE IT! stresses me out, but motivates the jingles out of me.

    How about putting £50 deposit down on a holiday for 10 months down the line then you HAVE to get in shape!


  5. For a person to lose weight effectively, one must be determined.

    Yes, there are lots of weight loss programs and supplements out there that guarantee us that we will lose weight thus we will be more physical attractive and healthy, but losing weight is an ongoing challenge.

    Being determined means understanding that health is important and being healthy will make a person happy both internally and externally.

    We must have a strong reason why we would want to lose weight. Physical beauty is nice, but the ability to control our senses is better. What I mean is we could be happier if we could control our senses rather for example our sense of taste controlling us.

    We could do it, if we start focusing our eye on discipline.

  6. What a great motivational tip. I totally agree, finding a way to add urgency to your weight loss can really help to motivate you to stay focused and on track. Thanks for the tip!
    .-= Dennis @fat burning secrets´s last blog ..Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review =-.

  7. Yeah you were right that losing weight is an ongoing challenge. One best tips is using a comprehensive weight management program.

  8. Good post Petra. This is a working one. I believe it.

  9. Hi, you have posted a nice motivational tip here. This approach is very holistic. This can’t only be apply to physical aspect but also to the whole aspect of personality as well. Thanks for sharing this valuable tip.

  10. I think people need to get their mind right. Realise why they want to lose the weight. If your priorities are right and your reasons for losing the weight are truly there then you will stick at it and keep the weight off. You need to remind yourself everyday why you are trying to get in shape and use the right language for your subconscious mind. For example saying “i will get in shape” rather then ” i want to lose weight”.

  11. “Well, your fast approaches to shed off the extra calories from our body seem interesting. Veggies and simple exercises could help us to reduce our gained weight gradually. But you are telling that, you lost 3 kg’s in just 1 week? How was that possible?

    Even with focused mind set and determination to lose weight I am working out but only lost 1 kg in 2 weeks. Any other tactics did you follow other than this for your fast weight loss? Let me know that please!”

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