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Today I want to share an absolute inspirational weight loss story with you. I have just come across this video online and had to put it up here on my blog, I hope it can inspire you as much as it has me.

We all feel like its too much at times, we will never get there, it is all too hard. Does that sound familiar? I have been there countless times, and every time I fell off my current healthy eating and exercising routine and back into overeating and binge eating. Just to feel worse the next day.

Have yo been there, too? It can be soooo frustrating – you don’t seem to get anywhere, going around in circles. And often we blame it on our will – I tend to say “Well, I am just not strong-willed!”

Truth to be told, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, how many times you cave in and eat the extra chocolate and then the chips on top, or how many times you prefer the couch over doing some exercise. The most important thing is how many times you get up and get going again. The most important thing is NOT TO GIVE UP.

And Arthur is a HUGE inspiration for that. Have a look for yourself, and please share this with others if you think it will be of help. Thanks!


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  1. Claire says:

    Great post. If you need to lose weight fast, all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and dive into the weight loss process. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire´s last blog post ..Good Low Carb Diets

  2. Chucky says:

    Most folks feel that losing weight is a daunting task and they are unsure of the best way to lose weight. Thanks for the inspirational post.
    Chucky´s last blog post ..Low Carb Diets That Work

  3. says:

    yes, this was really inspirational.

  4. This is a very inspiring story, and has helped to push me forward through my current rut.
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  5. Jewel says:

    Nice article, nice video.. Very inspiring.. Hope i could do this really.. Though i am not that fat yet, maybe in time if i gain much pounds,haha! Thank you for this post! 🙂
    Jewel´s last blog post ..eToro Erfahrungen

  6. Agnes Boyd says:

    That’s absolutely inspirational. My gosh! I was literally having goosebumps out of awe while watching the video. Hurray for Arthur and for his perseverance to make things happen. 🙂 Never give up. 🙂
    Agnes Boyd´s last blog post ..Stress Free Summer Travel

  7. Danny says:

    Thanks Petra for sharing! Really enjoyed it. (:
    Danny´s last blog post ..Bodybuilding Diet Plan

  8. Great story, inspirational. Thanks.

  9. Ronald says:

    Great post, I have to say this does really inspire me to lose weight, keep up the good work and thanks for posting!
    Ronald´s last blog post ..Afvallen tips

  10. Tim says:

    Thank you for posting encouragement. This is about the 10th time I’m starting over with weight loss. It’s sad to think I used to be in such great shape and now I’m disgusted when I look in the mirror. I’m about half way through my 2nd week in the gym. So, hopefully things will continue this time.
    Tim´s last blog post ..How do delete a Blogger site

  11. Thanks for sharing this story. Such kind of stories helps to motivate those who struggle to loss their weight. I think if we identify the root causes of our weight problem then we can easily reduce our weight.
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  12. Inspiring story – for those of us who struggle with weight, we need more inspiration like this to encourage us not to give up!

  13. The video is more like a promotional tool for diamond dallas page (ddpyoga) business, but it was truly an amazing feat. I think he could have done the same thing doing other forms of yoga such as bikram or any activities. I don’t know but this was just my feeling.

    Anyhow, it was a very inspiring story that will surely help more people overcome their weight loss plateau…

    Thanks for sharing.
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  14. Really inspirational story..thanks

  15. Harry says:

    Thanks for sharing this story.Such stories like this helps to motivate those who struggle to loss their weight.Its absolutely inspirational.

  16. Sometimes it is inspirational stories and pictures like this which actually kicks our butt and get us moving. Simple but effective method of motivating ourselves and telling ourselves that losing weight is actually possible!
    [email protected] plans to lose weight´s last blog post ..Cardio To Lose Weight – Is It Really Necessary?

  17. Very inspirational story. I take great appreciation in hearing the journey’s of those who walked the walk. Tnanks for sharing and keep it up!

  18. Such inspiring and inspiring story, I’ll share this with my brother, he’s also struggling with his weight, and its affecting his outlook. He doesn’t mingle much with other person because of his appearance. I hope this will inspire him.

    Thanks for the share and God Bless.
    Raynan @ Healthy and Glowing Beauty´s last blog post ..How To Have a Quality Time For Exercise in Home and Work

  19. Very inspiring indeed! The very best quote this story gives is “NOT to GIVE UP”!
    That very thought is what matters. If you really want to be physically fit and able, just don’t give up in losing weight.

    Fat loss can be gained easily if you just don’t give up halfway of what you are doing.
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  20. Ihilov says:

    Arthur – you’re the best!
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  21. Micheal says:

    Thanks for sharing this story, i love your blog

  22. Kristy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational story. Personally, I was in the same situation and with ambition/determination I decided that I need to get rid of all the extra pounds, so I did it… after a long battle I finally have my desired body. The only awful thing about all of this was that I needed to undergo a tummy tuck Toronto procedure to get rid of my excess skin, but now it’s all good!

  23. Its a great motivation for me and many other members here. Weight loss needs motivation and consistency. Just eat good , do exercise and think positive.
    Fitness Tacoma´s last blog post ..Tacoma Boot Camp- A Heart to Heart

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