How To Stop Food Cravings

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How To Stop Food Cravings

How To Stop Food Cravings….has got to be one of the biggest challenges of losing weight. After all, if you could resist all your food cravings, you wouldn’t have a weight problem, right?

Changing your lifestyle is a must if you desire to lose a few pounds. Once you take off  a bit of weight, going back to previous habits might cause you to put back on what you have just lost. Food, especially unhealthy food options, is constantly around us, making it so easy to cave in to cravings. Learning how to stop food cravings is essential if you want to take off extra pounds. Here are a few tips to resist those ever so present cravings:

Tip #1 – Reprogram Your Thinking

If you are going to battle food cravings, the first step to take is to reprogram the way that you see things. Grab a nourishing item of food like a banana whenever you naturally have a food craving. Keep fruits and other healthy snacks around so you can easily grab them when you  desire something. This will shift your reflex action and the way that you make decisions. As you reprogram your mind, you’ll start to unconsciously reach for healthy items when you are hungry. I personally like to have crunchy apples handy! They also belong to the group of negative calorie foods. 😉

Tip #2 – Eliminate Unhealthy and Pre-Prepared Foods

If you want to learn how to stop food cravings, make sure you get rid of enticing unhealthy foods. You can’t give in to those cravings if you don’t have unhealthy foods around to eat. Entirely eliminate sweets and junk food. You are more likely to cave in and eat it if you still have it in your home. I have just recently spoken to a friend of mine and she said she does not have any sweets at home, and no preprepared food. She and her children look great!

Tip #3 – Make nourishing Snack Choices

To battle food cravings and take off unwanted pounds, make certain you eat nourishing snacks. Eat something wholesome while you are hungry or you have a craving. Eat several wholesome nuts, a piece of fruit, or eat some crunchy vegetables. Drinking water or green tea can also eliminate a craving by making you feel full. You can resist cravings and end binging by ensuring you eat healthy snacks.

Step #4 – You Need Enough Sleep

Sleeping DogGetting enough sleep is crucial while you need to reject cravings. If you sleep great at night, it is easier for your to reject cravings the next day. Sleep disturbances can leave your body drained and will make you crave sugary foods. Making sure that you sleep for about eight hours each night will help you to avoid those cravings. – I think this is a very big factor in my weight loss battle! I never get enough sleep.

Step #5 – Beat Cravings By Distracting Yourself

When you start to desire an unhealthy food, work to distract yourself. Try taking time to play a game, read a book, or put on some great music that you like (this works quite well for me, whenever I listen to my favorite songs, I feel like I can achieve anything and don’t feel like eating!). Get outside and get active if you can by working out, playing games with the kids, or just taking a walk. Anything that will keep you busy will keep your hands from reaching for an unhealthy food selection.

Step #6 – Eat Regular Meals

One of the most effective ways to stop food cravings is to make certain you eat regular meals. Cravings are much more likely to occur if you skip a meal or fail to eat correctly. Ensuring your diet is well balanced will also be  really crucial. When you aren’t giving your body the healthy foods that it needs, the body may end up craving more food. Eat nourishing portions and eat on a regular basis. 3 normal meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) plus always a snack in between will be perfect.

So there you have it, 6 tips on how to stop food cravings!

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  1. I eat food at regular intervals to stop food cravings.I also ensure my diet is well balanced as its really crucial. I prefer to be away from junk food and easily grab a fruit when I am desirous to have something.I also tend to avoid high calorie food and also sweets as they are unhealthy foods.I eat wholesome foods like wholesome nuts as an evening snack.

  2. Becca says:

    Thanks for the tips provided here. I think that is one of the hardest thing to
    do but if someone really willing to lose weight they need to apply your tips here.
    Becca´s last blog post ..Conveyancing Williamstown

  3. Bob says:

    There is a lot of good information here. I really agree with the nourishing snack choices. I think if everyone would replace their junk food snacks and drinks with natural and healthy fruit and fruit juice, we would all look and feel a lot better.

  4. These are great tip. I agree that we have to just replace all the junk food snacks with health snacks only. Im sure I will find that I will loss weight alone with just doing this. Thanks to your blog, its been very helpful.
    Juliette @ Carpet Cleaning Orange County´s last blog post ..Spring Time Carpet Cleaning

  5. I think, enough sleep is one of the best thing that could stop food craving because when I used to work on night shifts, I tend to eat everything.

  6. Petra you know what i like having banana these days with milk. I have heard some really great things about it and the way we can shape our body with it. I believe many people will not have craving issue any more after reading your post.
    Thumbs ip Petra 🙂
    Henry @ Click Me´s last blog post ..Women: How to Gain Weight Quickly

  7. charles says:

    Stay away from sweet and salty food… they are very addictive.
    charles´s last blog post ..Thermogenics: Are Diet Pills Safe? What are the Side Effects?

  8. A low glycemic diet can also help control food cravings

  9. ya..It is necessary to take healthy food instead of having oily, spicy and junk food. Also need complete sleep cycle to stop food cravings.

  10. I do the first tip, having a healthy fruits around the house, but sometimes whenever I see delicious foods on TV being advertised, I could not help, but drive through a nearest fast food which I later regret. I definitely use your tips and from the other commenters. Thanks!
    Melanie [email protected] Diet Pills´s last blog post ..Phen375 Reviews – is it really the Top Fat Burner or just a Scam?

  11. Thanks a ton for the tips. These are some toughest tips to control but have to apply if really want to become fit, I agree that we have to just replace all the junk food snacks with health snacks only.

  12. Staying away from sweet things is the best remedy. I think if everyone would replace their junk food snacks and drinks with natural and healthy fruit and fruit juice, we would all look and feel a lot better and I think craving issue will be history after reading your post, LOL.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I wish it was that easy, that by reading my post the craving would be gone… In reality its much harder, but nevertheless doable!

  13. The number one thing to remember when it comes to food cravings is that you can control them.

  14. Sue says:

    This post on stopping the cravings is awesome. Thank you!
    Sue´s last blog post ..How can i make an effective low-carb diet plan?

  15. Very useful tips, thanks a ton for these tips, I really agree with the nourishing snack choices. I think if everyone would replace their junk food snacks and drinks with natural and healthy fruit and fruit juice and I think staying away from sweet is the best thing to stay fit.

  16. Hester [email protected] new site says:

    All the points are quite weighty and useful. I have a pretty ballanced diet now. I agree with Tina. Have enough sleep. Drink more water ans eat more fruits and vegetables that make you feel full.

  17. Jordan [email protected] jewelry wholesale says:

    Junk food is something most of us cannot live without. But unfortunately it is the culprit behind our bad health and increase in weight. One must have healthy foodstuffs instead of junk. Instead of munching chips or cheese popcorn while watching a movie you should have plain popcorn, if you do not like having fruits when hungry, try making fruit salad in an interesting way like by adding spices that you like, drinking beverages that are sugar-free.

  18. Healthy diet is equal to great body. You can never get a good body without maintaining a balanced diet. One must keep this in mind that, whenever you open your mouth to eat, you eat something that will benefit you & make your body happy instead of making it unhappy, because ultimately you are the one who is going to face the consequences.

  19. I think these tips are the hardest thing to do but if someone really willing to lose weight they need to apply your tips, Junk food is always tasty but unhealthy for sure. I think eating fruits and having juices on the daily basis is the best way to stay fit with proper exercise. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  20. A glass of water does a wonderful job to stop food cravings when your mind not your body is hungry. Water has no calories so a glass of water won’t lead to extra pounds. This simple trick works for me.
    Mira [email protected] tips´s last blog post ..How to Break out of a Weight Loss Plateau

  21. Josefa T says:

    I agree with the point about having enough sleep. From my personal experience, the lesser I sleep at night, the more my diet becomes irregular, and I tend to snack more. Thank you for sharing! (:

  22. There are times when I keep eating things I know I shouldn’t just because I feel like eating it. I know its harmful but I just cant help it. With these simple tips I hope I can organize my life a little more. Not that I haven’t tried before but somehow I fail to keep my cravings in check. So this is a very good technique, if I cant control my cravings I can just try to focus my attention on craving for healthy food. I will try substituting junk food with some healthy snacks that i like. Great advice.

  23. I also believe that changing lifestyle and habits can help you to lose weight. Eating right and healthy is the most important thing. A person need to be very dedicated towards the diet and regime need to be follow. The steps are really very helpful and important who always get diverted from their diet. A balance in life is the most necessary thing to keep problems away from life.
    [email protected] essentials´s last blog post ..Live in the Present

  24. I experience cravings, but when a craving for something sweet strikes, I don’t immediately run to the nearest cookie or brownie. I have found healthy alternatives for my cravings, including fruit smoothies, flavored Greek yogurt with granola, and sweet potato wedges, which I cook ahead of time and keep in my refrigerator for when cravings strike.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      I like the idea with the flavored Greek yoghurt and the sweet potato wedges! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Most of the people get confused with food craving and healthy diet. I believe many people need to maintain healthy lifestyle and eating habits to reduce their weight. I think the points you have mention are every important and thus people should follow it to stop food carving. You really posted an important and informative post.
    [email protected] Trading´s last blog post ..New Illiquidity Measure Week in Review

  26. These are wonderful tips that you have given. I agree that sleep is very important to stay healthy. Sleep affects our health in many ways. Another important thing is eating regular meals which will really decrease ones craving. One should have a balanced diet and should eat at regular intervals. They should really monitor what they are eating if they want to control their craving.

  27. Changing lifestyle and healthy eating habits will help in stopping food craving. Food craving affect your health and lifestyle. The tips you have given to stop food craving is very helpful to those who cannot concentrate on their health regime. I think enough sleep and reprogramming thinking will be beneficial to stop food craving.

  28. kevin redman says:

    This is the biggest obstacle to losing weight. I run a fitness site for the over 40 year old and this is one of my most asked questions. Eating a apple just does not do it for some people. I advise to make a smoothe or see if you can find a low fat substitute
    kevin redman´s last blog post ..Welcome to Muscle building over 40

  29. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely
    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips and hints for novice blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.
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  30. There are some other methods like green tea, lemon juice with hot water, cutting junk and oily food from your daily diet.

  31. I have a sweet tooth and that is my biggest shortcomings. I cannot resist the temptation of having sweets. Even though I know they are harmful for me. I just didn’t know how to control it. But my friends decided to step in. They keep an eye on me so that I don’t have it. Slowly but steadily now I am able to avoid sweets on my own. It wont be long wen I wont be needing their help to stop my craving.

  32. There are many people with similar interest so if we build our supporting network it would be helpful for us to stop craving food. I think fiber food help to stop craving. Stop Food Cravings is no doubt a big challenge but your tips are also best to meet this challenge. Thanks for sharing these healthy and easy tips.

  33. Petra Weiss says:

    I’m glad you can use these tips!

  34. inadequate mineral levels produce salt cravings, If the body is getting an inadequate amount of nutrients, it will produce odd cravings. Eat balance diet to stop cravings.
    Tacoma exercise´s last blog post ..Tacoma personal trainer- Age, Fashion Trends, and Training

  35. Jimmy says:

    Sound advice, but one thing that many people don’t know is that normal wheat in fact all wheat wreaks havoc on your blood sugar making it go up and down in high spikes thus making you eat more than you need.
    Jimmy´s last blog post ..kalorieberegner

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