Healthy Diet Weight Loss – the best way to go?

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An apple a day keeps the fat away!

An apple a day keeps the fat away!

If you eat a healthy diet, weight loss will follow suit. Are you one of the many people who believe that? Well, through my many years of dieting on and off (more on than off!) I have certainly learned that weight loss through a healthy diet is ultimately more effective than your “normal” diets. It doesn’t mean though that you can eat all the healthy foods you want and still lose weight in the process. No matter what you do, the amount of food you take in will always play a role. So even if you eat a super healthy diet, if you eat more than what your body can burn during the day, you will not lose weight.

So many of us are constantly trying to shed those unwanted kilos, going on diet after diet, and failing miserably in the process. Why? Because we can’t stick to it! Let’s face it – every diet works (initially) if you can stick to its rules.

I say “initially” because many diets might let you lose some kilos, but beware when you revert to eating more “normal”. Usually the lost weight comes back on quicker than expected, and often plus some. Atkins, Lemon Detox, Cabbage Soup, South Beach Diet – all bringing in some great results in the beginning (if you manage to adhere), but extremely hard to maintain for any longer period of time.

For any weight loss to be consistent you really need to achieve it by a change in your eating habits. Changing your eating habits to a healthy diet and eating only until you have had enough is really not that hard. It is actually quite achievable – if you do it in little steps. And the good part is – once you start on a healthy diet and you don’t overeat, weight loss will come automatically!

You will start to feel more energetic, more alive and a lot healthier.

Changing your eating habits to a healthy diet is for sure more achievable than trying to stick to some of the other restrictive diets, because you will still be able to eat a very varied diet, all you do is just choose healtier options. You can have your cake and eat it, too!

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  1. Nate says:

    It takes a while to shake the weight. I was working out eating right, and combined it with a guide I read on Who know’s maybe it can help you like it helped me.

  2. Good point about the need to change one’s diet and lifestyle. I find a lot of people that have many weight loss books have weight problems. People probably gain back after initial diet plan and then move to a different approach.


  3. Petra Weiss says:

    I think you are absolutely right – I have never seen it like that, but it seems true – people with lots of diet books have the biggest weight problem.
    Weight loss for good can – in my opinion – only be achieved through a slow change of lifestyle and eating habits. As the current lifestyle has led to the weight problem!

  4. Really good article Petra, you’re totally right. The mathematics are simple as you said. If you eat more that your body can burn in a day, you won’t lose weight.

    If you eat the right amount of calories (from healthy sources) for you body, and do a little exercise to burn a few extra calories – you WILL lose weight.

    It’s pretty simple stuff really!
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..The Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting =-.

  5. My biggest problem has been to find foods that taste good and aren’t calorie laden. My new found secret is jalepenos. Spices up any food, I like it and I eat healthy.

  6. Oh how many times have I been on and off, never lasts though, my problem is get invited out and after a few drinks fancy a late night bar, drink into the following morning, maybe kebab and chips. Thats only part of the problem though, because its the following day when you want comfort food, and your even weaker willed, anyway I am going to try again.

    I hve bought myself a top quality juicer and I have started to get into juices and stemed fish, and poultry, lets see how it goes. As pointed out in your article, motivation is the key, if only I had listened to the advice some years ago “do something about your weight as its harder to shift the oolder you get”, huh, how true.
    .-= andy @ weight loss menu´s last blog ..Benefits Of Drinking Water =-.

  7. In my opinion, the best diet is that diet, which is healthy. I totally agree with you about this sentence “You will start to feel more energetic, more alive and a lot healthier.” I think the best way how to lose weight is Healthy Diet!
    .-= Slim Weight Patch´s last blog ..What Is A Celebrity Fad Diet? =-.

  8. Nutrition Tracker says:

    I try repeating a mantra each day to help me lose weight and eat right, “I will be healthy today”, or, “I will lose 5 pounds”. I agree that short term goals are very important to achieving weight loss goals. I have also had my best dieting results when I use a nutrition tracker. It really helps to see (and face) what I am eating each day and then make better food choices. I read a study that said you are twice as likely to achieve your weight loss goals if you track your daily foods and nutrition. I use OnTarget Nutrition and its working good so far. Cheers to healthy living!

  9. Hi,
    I realized I forgot to share this in my last comment… in case you want to check out OnTarget Nutrition, here you go,
    It is a new site and they are still adding features but I just heard they are offering a lifetime membership if you are already signed up or join before they charge a fee. Hope it helps.

  10. Sara Palmer says:

    It is a truly wonderful story, I congratulate you as well. I hope you will have the courage to search for better ways to lose weight with minimal effort as I did. Have you heard of African Mango Plus? It is the newest fat reduction supplement that allows you to lose weight naturally by raising Leptin levels so you have more energy and it accelerates metabolic parameters. It is also responsible for keeping your body mass index regular, according to clinical studies. Good luck.
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  11. Great post and so true. Those restrictive diets are horrible, because no one wants to continue to eat that way forever, so when they gradually go back to eating ‘normally’ they will put the weight back on. Most people actually gain more weight than they lost. This is because a restrictive diet sends your body into starvation mode. Your body suddenly isn’t getting the same amount of calories it is used to, nor the amount of nutrients it needs. So, the moment you start eating the way you did before the restrictive diet, your body thinks it needs to store as much fat as it can for energy, because it doesn’t know when it will get it again.

    Many people don’t understand this and beat themselves up over the weight gain.

    They never have to go through this if they change their eating habits to eating healthy, getting enough calories through those healthy foods, and even allowing a ‘cheat’ day once a week where you can eat something that is outside your healthy food range. People can stick to this method, and your body doesn’t go into starvation mode. You experience gradual weight loss, and it is easier to keep the weight off.

    Wow, this turned into a long comment! But I am so passionate about this subject!
    Stacy @ Polar Heart Monitors´s last blog post ..Accessories

  12. Brandon Marx says:

    One of the biggest mistake that most of the people do is that they don’t read a lot about diet or they read a lot but do not implement & if somehow they implement it, they do it wrong.

    My point is that if you come across a diet plan try to implement it, & in 2 weeks you’ll see the weather that diet is effecting or not, also make sure to not down everything you eat & how you eat, & if that diet plan isn’t working for you then try another one & after two weeks compare both the results. You’ll have the difference in front of you.

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  14. Diets are so tricky are they not!? I have found time and time again that starting with the right, positive mindset is the first step to success! You make a lot of great points in how we should try and find a diet that works for us instead of restricting us. That seems to always just lead to resentment of the self & of the new diet. Thank you for your post!

    JoLynn Braley
    The F.A.T. Release Coach

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