Health Benefits Of Chocolate – A Visit To The Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory

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Ritter Sport Chocolate Shop

Ritter Sport Chocolate Shop

As I said before I am on holidays in Germany right now, and the weather has unfortunately not been so great the last few days. So I had to look for something to do with the kids that would be fun and indoors. Well, a good friend of mine suggested a visit in the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory in Waldenbuch, just a few villages away from where we live – you can have a look how chocolate is made, and then there is a fantastic shop where you can buy all their chocolates for a reduced price. Well, me being a chocoholic – and knowing about the health benefits of chocolate -, that was a suggestion I couldn’t refuse!

Ritter Sport is one of Germanys best chocolate brands, and we can even buy it in Australia (so far only at the German butchers there, though!). Just have a look how many different types of chocolate flavours they have developed – if you don’t start drooling just reading it, then there is something wrong with you! 😉

We had a great time at the factory, got some free chocolate of course (some of us went for seconds and thirds, btw…) and then went into the chocolate shop and went nuts (literally). My favourite chocolates are the so called “Ritter Rum” bars, small chocolate bars with a very light filling made from fluffy chocolate, rum,raisins and tiny hazelnut pieces. I could eat them by the bucketful!

Well, of course I have eaten too much chocolate today, as you might have guessed. But, hey, you don’t have these opportunities every day, and you should make the most of it while you can!

What does this have to do with healthy weight loss? – Nothing much, really (I certainly haven’t lost any weight today 🙁 ), I just thought I will share a great food experience here with you and let you know if you ever have the chance to buy Ritter Sport, or even visit the factory, you should not hesitate to do so! Chocolate might not be so good for the waist line, but it is oh so good for the soul…- and maybe you know already, too, that eating dark chocolate has actually quite a few health benefits. If you want to eat chocolate, always choose dark chocolate; it contains antioxidants and is good for your heart. Of course, like with everything, the key is moderation. But I found a good article on it here on Health Benefits Of Chocolate.

Till next time…

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  1. I’ve always maintained that chocolate is healthy!

    Seriously though, we’ve all got to be allowed our little sins or what’s the point. In the grand scheme of things, a little chocolate a day isn’t going to ruin your weight loss goals, and it keeps you from feeling deprived, which will eventually lead to falling off the wagon.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Greg, I think the same – if you deprive yourself of everything you like (and unfortunately they are quite often the foods that are not so healthy for your body), then at one stage you will just pig out and overindulge, and that’s not good at all. Instead, opt for a little bit of your favorite foods occasionally, and do not make your “diet” too strict – remember, it is a lifestyle change you are trying to achieve, not a “diet” as such. Thanks for your great input!

  2. Ruri says:

    There are 3 type of chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolates and white chocolates. In above paragraph you said that dark chocolate is healthy food because having an antioxidant. How about the other 2 type of chocolate? are they also having an antioxidant?

  3. @Petra

    Do you have any recommendation on some specific brands of Dark Chocolate which are good for health?
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    • Petra Weiss says:

      @Dave, I don’t think you need to look at specific brands of dark chocolate – it’s simply the more cocoa a chocolate contains, the better (less fat and more anti-oxidants). That’s why white chocolate is so bad for you….(

  4. Hi Petra,

    I found this to be a very interesting article! I actually wasn’t aware that cocoa contained anti-oxidants. You learn something new everyday…

    The chocolate factory you mentioned sounds excellent. I’d definitely like to go there at some point. And the rum and raison chocolates sound divine! I have to say I’m with you 100% on that – rum and raison is one of my favorite flavours.

    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets Review =-.

  5. I certainly agree! Chocolates are also good for the heart!
    We just need to be careful on the amount of chocolate we take everyday.
    To much is not good.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Home =-.

  6. Wonderful Information about the chocolate which is really good for health. We think that chocolates are not good for health, but this wrong here some good chocolates very helpful for our health. I really don’t know this but after reading this blog I was very happy to know this. I should try this..

  7. dark chocolate is now said to be beneficial to our health if eaten in moderation and this seems to be the case with many types of food & drink ie: red wine, I think it is purely due to advancements in research, all the time we here of food that was once bad now being declared ok.
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  8. Wow,it is a good post with have a great article.Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory in Waldenbuch is very famous.
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  9. Before reading above post I was unaware of this interesting fact.Now I daily eat chocolates without fear.Thanks for sharing such information.
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    • Petra Weiss says:

      @manu, you still need to be careful about the amount of chocolate you eat! I wouldn’t want you to end up a lot heavier! 😮

  10. Im not sure if its a proven fact but I find chocolate quite addictive. If I go without chocolate for a few weeks I dont crave it, but if I eat it today, I crave it tomorrow…do you know if there is and evidence to back this up or is it a psychological thing…?

  11. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is suppose to be good for the heart.. I know when I eat chocolate I feel better and like Heather seems to be addictive.

  12. Great article and some great comments – the key with healthy chocolate is knowing what aspects of the chocolate are healthy – from what I read the cocoa’s flavanol polyphenols are the healthy components of chocolate. Studies at Harvard and leading research centers are showing that cocoa’s flavanol polyphenols can benefit heart, brain and vascular health.

  13. Guruprasad says:

    Dark chocolates are more than any other chocolates because they contain flavonoids, which acts as antioxidants. antioxidants protect us from aging caused by free radicals.these antioxidants controls blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body.Dark chocolate contains 8% more antioxidants than the strawberry chocolates.Preferably dark chocolates are more healthy.

  14. Tam Snyder says:

    Always good to hear that chocolate is good for you!
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  15. So much cholesterol intake through fatty foods can give serious damage to your heart.

  16. There are variants of chocolates to choose like if you want to have your diet but likes chocolates there are non fat chocolates.

  17. Everybody I know just loves chocolate. You’d think it was sex. Every once in a while I want some chocolate but for the most part I want just hard candy and most of the candy at the store is chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I love sugar but go for the cookies. Do cookies have any redeeming qualities like chocolate does. They usually have eggs in them don’t they. Oh, forgot. Eggs aren’t good either.
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  18. Well… if ever there was a good reason to visit Germany as soon as possible! I love chocolate so I’m always looking for a good choco experience, and I love the sound of those bars with the fluffy chocolate inside! Those do tend to be genuinely lower in fat than solid chocolate bars.

  19. As far as I know chocolates brings fat and it also increase the adrenalin that makes children active. If you want to loose weight limit eating chocolates.

  20. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is suppose to be good for the heart.. I know when I eat chocolate I feel better and I am more satified with Drk chocolate which means I eat less. Good for the waist line you know?

  21. dorita says:

    Thanks for the experience. Wish I can go to Ritter chocolate factory myself one day. I love chocolate too especially dark and with filling.
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  22. Gwen Moye says:

    Dark chocolate is good for you as long as it contains no sugar the more raw it is the more nutrients you will receive.
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  23. Hahaha,,i like the sentence that “Chocolate might not be so good for the waist line, but it is oh so good for the soul”.Awesome ,but beware of having a too good soul by eating chocolate in abundance.

  24. hgh therapy says:

    I have listened, chocolates down the blood pressure.Is it true?

  25. I’ve read and even heard that dark chocolate has lots of benefits. Many even recommend it as part of the diet because of the benefits of it. It can make your brain works well.

  26. When I was still a kid I always have chocolates in my pocket because I love chocolates so much that may be the reason why I easily get sore throat and stopped eating it totally now but because of this new info i’m pretty sure a small piece a day wont harm me…

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Amaya, I believe that if you deprive yourself completely of the things you love, eventually it will catch up with you and you will absolutely gorge yourself. You should allow yourself a piece of your favorite chocolate every now and then, it won’t do any harm! It’s only if you go overboard that you will have a problem.

  27. Chocolates help one calm down and be stress free. However when you eat too many chocolates you will see yourself getting big in no time plus you will have tonsillitis.

  28. I love chocolates, they are beneficial, when I eat chocolates I feel happy. Chocolates are not bad for the health but just like any other foods it must be taken moderately.
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  29. Frank says:

    Yummy, You’ve got me craving for chocolate Petra. Chocolate is no doubt healthy for our body but as you mentioned, excess of anything is bad. I wish I could go to that factory as well.
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  31. I enjoyed reading your post. Made me want to grab a chocolate nearby. Just can’t resist them!

    By the way, are those two adorable kids on the picture your kids?
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  32. Danyell Weinzimer says:

    Dark chocolates and milk chocolates are the best. `

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