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January 5, 2010 | By More

Today I just wanted to point out that quite a while ago I made this blog dofollow, I installed Top Commentator, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv. If you want to know more about these plugins and why they are so valuable, head on over to my other blog and read about how to get backlinks.

I basically want to reward other like minded bloggers for leaving meaningful comments on this blog by giving them some “link love” back. If you are in my Top Commentator list it means that you get a backlink to your blog from every single post on my blog! So please, everybody, keep commenting!

Of course the same thing applies if you do not have a blog – I would love to have your comments!

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  1. As always you are giving something back Petra! I can’t stop bumping into you it seems, I am a frequent visitor to your self-named site ( and now when I searched for blogs related to my own sites topic I ended up here…..on another site of yours ha ha!

    I folowed your advice and installed keywordluv and commentluv to my blogs – I already employed dofollow and top commentator – I have noticed an increase in visitors. More importantly, these plugins have encouraged more people to leave comments and may well help with attracting unique visitors who may not have previously been attracted to the site, irrespective of its valuable content.

    The only downside is the occasional attraction of spammers, or irrelevant posts aimed only at grabbing a backlink. Still there are always some bad apples in any harvest!

    Thanks for sharing the link love!
    .-= [email protected] Advice´s last blog ..Free Weight Loss Tools =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Darren, I am glad you did the jump to install all the plugins, I still think they are all working great together, even though you do get increased spam comments. But with a spam filter like Akismet that should not be too big a problem. Just approve your comments manually! Also, I think when you get more comments your blog gets updated more often (every time you approve a comment or reply to one) and that is always good in the search engine’s eyes.

  2. Thanks for making your blog as dofollow. Actually this will help and make your blog top on Google. Happy New Year!

  3. KeywordLuv is a great plugin. I am to the point where I will rarely leave a comment when surfing blogs unless KewordLuv is available. Thanks for the luv!

  4. I did the same on my own blog, as you know, but I also added a captcha to avoid that spammers leave automated spam comments via a script that searches for dofollow blogs. This combination makes me a happy blogger as I am able to reward commentators that leave real and valuable comments with equally valuable backlinks and at the same time keep my blog clean from spammers. Happy New Year to you and your readers, SY
    .-= hospitalera @gummi crib rail´s last blog ..Comment by =-.

  5. burn the fat feed the muscle ebook says:

    Keywordluv certainly attracts comments and return traffic which can only be a good thing for webmasters wanting link juice and blog owners wanting more traffic and comments, Win win 🙂

  6. this is a great plugin i will use it for my blogs

    Thanks for the post .

  7. scheng1 says:

    That’s great! It’s sad that not many bloggers have the same mindset. Most are very selfish, thinking of getting links, without wanting to give any link away.
    I have made both my blogs at blogspot dofollow too, by removing the nofollow tag at html code.
    .-= scheng1´s last blog ..Alternative Energy Sources for Cars =-.

  8. Qnexa says:

    I really like that your site is dofollow, that’s awesome, thanks!
    .-= Qnexa´s last blog ..Obesity Epidemic May Have Hit Plateau in U.S., Researchers Find =-.

  9. Comment Luv and Keyword luv are great plugins. I have them both installed on my site’s blog. I think it’s important to give a bit of love to commenters that leave good comments!
    .-= [email protected] training tips´s last blog ..How to Build Muscle Fast =-.

  10. PS. I haven’t yet installed top commentor because it gives dodgy links. What I mean is –

    If you leave your comment from [email protected] – it displays as [email protected] on the top commentor plugin in the sidebar.

    I think it would be much better if the top commentor plugin displayed only the keywords.

    Anyone agree?
    .-= [email protected] training tips´s last blog ..How to Build Muscle Fast =-.

  11. Thanks for allowing the follow links. I try to publish a article about weight loss multiple time a week. I think you and your readers will find the information on my blog to be helpful.
    .-= America’s weight loss expert´s last blog ..NFL Play 60 And Other Obesity Awareness Campaigns =-.

  12. erwin says:

    happy with your current status to do follow, I so want to frequently visit and give comments. Do not forget to visit my blog

  13. While searching for new WP Plugins Google brought us to this site. After a few weeks of using..are you happy with this Plugin? Don´t you get more Spam than before?

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Marko, no, not yet, and I am definitely getting a lot more good comments! Sometimes though, when I see the spam comments build up, I will just delete my spam folder without checking every single comment in it, and unfortunately there might occasionally be a valid comment in it, but that’s just unavoidable. Over all, I am very happy with the plugins.

  14. Fitness Care says:

    I loved using those plugins.. Thanks for throwing this information bob 🙂
    .-= Fitness Care´s last blog ..Hatha Yoga =-.

  15. Joseph Smith says:

    These are definitely great plug-ins to use. On my own personal blog, when I started using them, I saw a significant increase in commenting and participation. Have you seen the same?
    .-= Joseph Smith´s last undefined ..Response cached until Mon 8 @ 14:46 GMT (Refreshes in 23.77 Hours) =-.

  16. Hi Petra,
    I have just recently learned about dofollow and what it means. My blog is now a dofollow blog, and it’s getting good comments.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the comments are just short generic comments, and many times not even related to the post.

    Thanks for being dofollow and I wish you much success on your blog.

  17. Brave move – yes, it will engage more visitors but you have to balance that against the spam and moderation time. Hope it works for you.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..How to reduce stretch marks =-.

  18. I love the Comment Luv and Keyword luv plugins. I use them on my sites.

    As long as people play by the rules and leave quality comments, it truly is a win, win for both.

  19. I’ve just installed comment luv as well. I wish you luck with your blog. Healthy weight loss is a challenge so your blog should do well.
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..Heart Rate Monitor Training | Calculate Maximum Resting Heart Rates =-.

  20. johnwe says:

    thnak you for your friendly blog,i will visit it often
    .-= johnwe´s last blog ..5 tips on how to loose weight fast =-.

  21. Dr. Kal says:

    I currently use top commentator (do follow) and comment luv (no follow) on my blog. Your documented success has encouraged me to make comment luv (do follow) and add keyword luv (do follow).

    It’s an experiment. Lets see what happens. Thank you for chronicling your use.
    .-= Dr. Kal´s last blog ..Best Way To Lose Belly Fat =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Great news, I like it! I might stop by your blog and check it out! I definitely think that it will help your blog in popularity and in Google Rankings over time if you do dofollow. Thank you!

  22. I have learnt about this method from a top internet marketer. Good stuff!
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  23. keyword luv is the wonderful options to add to your blog. It gives readers incentive to add relevant comments by being rewarded with a back link.

  24. Burn more calories and have a better metabolism simply by eating more often, Period.

  25. Hi,

    Thanks for the link love using the KeywordLuv Plug In, It is much appreciated!

    .-= [email protected] To Eat´s last blog .. =-.

  26. Jewellery says:

    Sincere thanks for using these plugins on your website. It helps with getting your site get ranked too.

  27. Hi – just learning about Keywordluv and dofollow – Thanks for spreading the luv.

    If I have this right, in order get the benefit I must install and activate both keywordluv and dofollow plugins ? As I understand it the dofollow removes the no follow tag which in turn allows the link? (backlink)

    I hope I have this right . . .

  28. Hi,

    Great site, I’m one that likes to stay healthy and your site has some good information.

    Thanks also for the link love!

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  29. Do follow keyword luv is a really a great plug in and i have installed it in my blog and i am looking much traffic are coming to my blog.

  30. Drinking water ice cold burns about 62 calories a day.

  31. I have installed these plugins (top commenter, keyword luv, comment luv) and have found the Akismet does a great job of filtering out spammy comments.

  32. Thanks for do follow attribute, Petra …love to used those plugin
    .-= troll beads uk´s last blog ..troll beads- Welcome 2010 and goodbye 2009 =-.

  33. What a wonderful thing to do for your readers. I bet this is sure making your blog popular…

  34. Do you think that these plugins bring traffic to websites? If so can you tell me how

    • Petra Weiss says:

      These plugins bring traffic because a lot of other bloggers like to look for blogs that have these plugins installed so they can leave comments with a link back to their site. Thus, your site gets more fresh content, and becomes more popular, and can move up in Googles rankings, which will bring in more traffic again.

  35. Hi Petra,
    I agree with you. In one sense comment luv plugins bring traffic but the other side is the blog having this plugin mostly are nofollow and the modrator delete comments after some time….thanks for sharing.
    .-= Coach Training´s last blog ..Who Am I ? =-.

  36. Also don’t forget your friends/loved ones can more or less consciously sabotage your diet because they fear that you changing could mean that they would loose you, even if this is completly silly.
    .-= quick weight los´s last blog ..Nutrisystem Reviews =-.

  37. women health says:

    Hi all is very lovely i also love mona and also this blog and sites.It is then up to the quality of the content on the site to keep these people coming back. As a whole, these plugins allow sites that don’t have high page ranks or paid advertising to attract some of the visitors they need to become successful.
    .-= women health´s last blog ..Nutrisystem Reviews =-.

  38. Plug ins like these will help site owners and blog owners like never before.

  39. @coach training – I’ve seen some blogs that have “delete comments after some time” It kind of sucks to lose the link if it had some nice pr.

  40. itcsales says:

    commentluv, keywordluv and top commentators plugins really give me huge of backlinks on my technology blog. I found most bloggers comments on blog using this plugins and it gives them benefits.

  41. Thank you for being the parts of blogger who is willing to reward links for your commentators. I am very optimistic that you’ll gain big traffic as well.
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  42. Petra, I would love to know if you’ve seen a spike in readership / revenue from the addition of these plugins.
    .-= Chris (web designer from Fredericton)´s last blog ..Social Media Disasters for Companies =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Chris, I have definitely seen a spike in readership and commentors from adding these plugins. Alas, it has not resulted in more revenue yet. 🙁

  43. Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv and Top Commenters are fantastic ideas, interlinking is what the world wide web is all about essentially!
    .-= Buying Health Insurance´s last blog ..Three Things to Know About Health Insurance =-.

  44. Keywordluv is great, more comments is a good thing for your blog, make it look well read and popular.

  45. Just had to say great post! Enjoyed reading it. I don’t comment much, but just had to say, “You made me see the real benefits of the plugins”. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the insight and will check back…

  46. Great to see someone using these plugins correctly as Ive found a lot of websites claiming to be a dofolow site but are not.

  47. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but seems to be down. I tried for the last couple of days to know avail?

  48. Lung Detox says:

    I think keywordluv is a great idea but as another commentor pointed out … does it result in more revenue?

    I guess it would depend on your model for making money from your blog but if it adds mroe content to your site that is relevent then perhaps it might be good for SEO as well?

  49. Hi there, Thanks for the opportunity for a backlink.
    I’m thinking of installing the KeywordLuv etc plugins too. Hopefully it won’t result in lots of spam. I enjoyed a good look around your website. 🙂

  50. thanks for sharing and describing keyword luv in brief. this is really one of the good or we can say best anchor text targeting strategy. Thanks for this kind support.

  51. Thanks for an opportunity to get a link. We all need to work together, even in the weight loss niche where everything is soooo competetive.
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  52. Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv and Top Commenters are superb ideas, linking documents is what the web is all about essentially!

  53. What a lovely group of plugins you have installed on your blog. But point of note: These plugins could also attract spammers so you have to be prepared.
    .-= Angela @ Blue MONEY Online´s last blog ..Forex Market Hours: Most Profitable Time To Trade Forex =-.

  54. I think commentLuv is an excellent idea not just for internet marketers but also for the blog owners as it is returning a little trust in the commenter’s.

    I use ezine aswell as blogs to help my websites in backlinking. A good Ezine article can do wonders for you and your reputation online you not only get two links to your site in the resource box but other web site owners will see your article and have the opportunity to use it on their site giving you a link back to your site sometimes this can lead to you gaining hundreds of links over time without even doing any extra work. Do some research on the Ezine site itself to better understand how it can help you without hurting anybody.

    Excellent blog by the way nice to see someone giving good honest points of view on backlinking with commentLuv and KewordLuv – thank you
    .-= Carolyn [email protected] spare parts´s last blog ..kenwood spares updated Fri Apr 16 2010 10:00 pm CDT =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Carolyn, I also think that Ezine articles are a great way of getting backlinks to your site, and if you write great content you will be rewarded over time.

  55. I think keyword luv is great however how do I install the plugin through wp admin console, I can’t seem to find it… I need to manually install it via a ftp programme? please help…

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Matty, I found that Keyword Luv is one of those plugins that do not come up automatically through wp-admin. You will have to install it manually through an FTP program.

  56. These is really a great help for your commenter and thanks for appreciating the value of comments here in your blog.

  57. kyon says:

    Thx for this information about commentluv plugins , I also have that plugins just recently installed in my blog but still confused on how to configure it.
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  58. Hi,

    Thank you for the link back to my site with these plugins. They truly are a tool that works on a give-give basis for us bloggers. We both benefit from using them, and participating wisely.

    I also think the theme of your blog is a very good idea showing your journey down this pathway of better health. Everyone who has ever battled with weight during their lives, like my dear mother, can come here and both learn and be motivated.

    Thank you for your hard work and keep up with your hard work in your pursuit of a higher quality of life.

    .-= [email protected] Natural Berry´s last blog ..DoFollow Blog, Commentluv, Keywordluv =-.

  59. Hi, Thanks for let me leave the backlink. I enjoy your website and I found that your other websites are very resourceful for me so sure, I will visit your website often. I like good content and you have it. Thanks
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  60. Thanks, that’s very inspiring! Never heard of KeywordLuv, looking into it now!
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  61. KeywordLuv is great for commenting and providing a little of the link juice to the commentators. A great way to find these blogs that have do follow is to use googles text operator INTEXT

    Thanks for the Link!

  62. Wow, you are getting a lot of attention/comments on this blog! Way to go! If you get a minute, please drop by my blog and let me know what you think. Best, Sarah

  63. Thanks for the backlink. I have been debating adding this to my blog as well to try and stir up some more comments.
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  64. Roor says:


    Very nice looking site!

    Thanks for the link love using the great keywordluv plugin, it’s appreciated!

    All the best,
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  65. I have used this plugin on some blogs of mine and it really brought a lot of traffic. It is a win-win because I get traffic and the commentors get backlinks.
    .-= healthy weight loss´s last blog ..Stress – To Fight or to Flight? =-.

  66. I have been commenting on blogs with the keywordluv plugin now for about 2 weeks now, and I have seen my keywords moved up in the search engines from nothing to about 300 down on the list. This isn’t good, but at least it is a start.

  67. I use keywordluv, commentluv, and top commentator on all my blogs. I make sure all links are dofollow. I get lots of good comments and also a few that are spam. I just make sure I check every site once weekly to delete the spam. It’s worked out well for me. I hope it’s working well for you also.

  68. Brian Fick says:

    Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv & Top Commenters are superb concepts, interlinking is what the web is all about essentially!
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  69. Thanks for making your blog dofollow. It makes lot of visitors like us to get a solid backlink to our site.
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  70. Thank you for using the keyword luv plugin on your blog. By using this plugin you are helping so many newbie bloggers who do not have money to pay SEO firms acquire links to their sites.
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  71. Previously i was confused about no-follow and do-follow while creating backlinks. Keywordluv plugin helped me to gain quality backlinks…


  72. Hi,This is really a great help for me and your commenter and thanks for appreciating the value of comments here in your blog.

  73. Dan Curtis says:

    Thanks for the information about the Keyword Luv and Top Commentator. I wasn’t aware of them.

    And good luck on your weight loss. It says you’ve lost one kilogram. That’s a good start!
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  74. Thanks you so much for using the Top Commentators, DoFollow, KeywordLuv, CommentLuv plugins on your site. The implementation of the above plugins will improve your website’s traffic drastically.

  75. I actually never heard something like this before. Now, seeing that it could get backlinks in this form, then I think this would be great after all. I will try to install this kind of plugin for my sites. This seems to be useful. Thank you!
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  76. Nice to see more people going vintage and removing nofollow. I particularly think that the commentluv one is the best way of rewarding people, as I think that it is the least susceptible to abuse. Its good to get some links into the posts and not the homepage for once.

  77. Louise says:

    Thanks for the oppertunity as well. It’s all about helping people and bringing back a sense of community in this world.

  78. Follow Blog, Keyword Luv,Comment Luv and Top Commenters are fantastic ideas, interlinking is what the world wide web is all about essentially!

  79. Sell Jewelry says:

    The different comments and relevancy keep the blogs fresh with different ideas. I like the fact that keywordluv is another avenue to bring people to the blogging world. Thanks for making your blog dofollow.

  80. Hachis says:

    Thanks for using this very helpful group of plugins. But however I’ll suggest you watch out for spam comments.

  81. Thanks to the keywordluv plugin, my site is now
    moving up on Google. I can now be found on the
    4th page of google using a combination of any 2
    of my search words.

  82. I had no idea that this is a way of getting backlinks. I am so glad I came across this post.
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  83. Coupons says:

    I found most bloggers comments on blog using this plugins and it gives them benefits.

  84. Hey Petra,

    I found your post by goggling word press comment plug ins. I am trying to increase the readership of our own blog

    This is a great plug in. We’re going to implement it on our blog. Hopefully it increases the readership like its done for you.

    Nice site also I’ve just started to eat healthy again. Its hard to find the time sometimes to prepare your food especially for work but its better then being at risk to certain diseases and the like.


  85. Having DoFollow, CommentLuv on your site is designed to attract traffic. Thanks for that

  86. DoFollow, Top Commentator, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are all good things for blogs. I have found lots of blog using these plugin recently. I think this is great because these plugin helps both visitor and blog owner. Visitors get backlink and blog owner get traffic. You get free content by encouraging users to leave comments with such added features. Smart idea! I wish more would catch onto doing it this way.

  87. Great information! In my opinion, there will be a lot of comments and new users!
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  88. Lynn says:

    Petra, this comment luv concept absolutely has to work…I just found your blog because of comment luv….so I believe it will increase traffic to your blog.

    Question…What is the best way to find commentluv blogs?

  89. I think keyword luv is great however how do I install the plugin through wp admin console, howeverI know this might sound like a studpid question but I can’t seem to find it… I need to manually install it via a ftp programme? please help…

  90. I’m writing an article about cancer, which is what I was originally interested in when I came across your blog post. There are so many health problems out there that people are struggling with, I was not aware! This is good information, thank you.

  91. Thank you for the very useful information about keyword luv. this is really one of the best ways to create back links.
    Thanks again and good luck with your blog

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  94. Its great opportunity for all of the commenters as CommentLuv inserts a link to your most recent post, when you leave a comment on our blog. It will get the latest feed from your blog or last tweet and will display it comment box. So, it would definitely increase the traffic for your blog. Coolness!

  95. I have used these plugins also. They are a great way to help people increase their backlinks. Thanks for all your help. I will take a look at your other blog that you suggested in the post. Thanks.
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  96. I think both the KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are great plugins. They do encourage people to leave comments and increase readership. But the problem is getting quality comments as well as going through each comment to weed out those spammy ones 🙂

  97. Great to see people enabling comment luv.I think it rewards and encourages more traffic along with fresh content which of course spiders luv!

  98. It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here. I like that very much. I can feel that you paid much attention for those like minded blogger , as all of them make sense and are very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. I can be a very good reader&listener. I Appreciate for your time and effort!

  99. Steve Austin says:

    Great to see someone using these plugins correctly as Ive found a lot of websites claiming to be a dofolow site but are not.

  100. I am loving this comment facility. Is there anything like this available for blogger? if not I am switching over as soon as possible. Thanks for plugging this in and I am loving the blog. Especially after discovering the Mediterranean Diet.

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  101. Thanks Petra for making your blog dofollow. You are getting lot of spam comments each day. I can understand that. But the success is in filtering each comments in your blog’s inbox. Great work!
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  102. Jennifer R says:

    I think Top Commentator is not a necessary plugin, it’s will make your serve a bit more busy when reply to the connection.
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  103. Do Follow Blog is a very good one with less spams , the Keyword Luv is a very nice one very helpful and easy one to , thanks for sharing . keep blogging .

  104. KeywordLuv is a great plugin for website owners who want to build content and visitors who wants backlinks to their sites. However, we should all follow the rule of non-spamming because it is not worthwhile to blog owners to allow visitors to have dofollow backlinks when all they get is useless and non relevant comment. I want to thank all blog owners who have the dofollow tag turn on.

  105. Stephen King says:


    I came here searching for blogs that use the top commentator widget.

    BUT, I suffer with the old trouble of weight so I shall be looking over this site thoroughly so, Thank you for making this post about the widget and thank you for this site 🙂


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    @technology insurance, i agreed with u

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  110. Hi there, I dont usually comment on themes as I would much rather comment on the contnet however i have to say i love your site! Well done its a great theme.

  111. Thanks for sharing this. Currently I am working on blog commenting campaign for some of my sites and this will really help me.

  112. Hey. I have been using the keywordluv plugin for over 6 months now and find it pretty good. As a website owner I find that I get a lot of quality comments on my blog which keeps my website fresh in Googles eyes.
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  113. I am putting a blog together and will use ‘dofollow’ on it as well. I think it is more beneficial for your blog to have these dofollow links you will definitely get more comments.


  114. This is a great way to increase blog comments, going to definitely use it on one of my websites for sure.

  115. Phil says:

    Thanks Petra, I had not heard of Keywordluv but might try it on my blog do you get much traffic from it?
    .-= Phil´s last blog ..The Franklin Mint =-.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Phil, my traffic has increased quite a bit, and also the comments on my blog.

  116. I can not agree more with you! Overeating is not the problem but the consequence of something that happened before! When this issue is adressed it is easy just to let go of the baggage!

    Thank you for your honest approach to website building!

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    • Petra Weiss says:

      Christine, after seeing the CommentLuv feed of your last blog post, I had to head over to your blog and check it out. Great information! If you are ok with it, I will write a short post about your “Important Facts about Eating Habits that I found very helpful” and give my readers a link to it in my post. I am sure you don’t mind…? 🙂

  117. I like the concept of top commentator, it makes more exciting or engaging to participate in the comment section of blogs. Rewarding the commentor to be rewarded with a do follow backlink.

  118. I had top Commentator on some of my blogs, but started getting flooded by spam bots, so I removed it again.

    KeywordLuv and CommentLuv also increased the number of spam posts, but not as severe as Top Commentator
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  119. I always love blogs with comment Luv and Keyword Luv, you are right to get this plug-ins to get more visitors

  120. Thanks Petra for making your blog dofollow.

  121. So good to see other sites which share the dofollow philosophy. There’s so many of these sites around that insist on using nofollow and keeping all the linklove to themself. I cant help but feel if all sites used do follow links then it would be much fairer for everyone 🙂
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