Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat

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Best way to lose stomach fatDamn, I really don’t like it when my kids take a photo of me and post it online! 😉

Let’s face it, a lot of us will have a little (or big) problem with the size of their stomach and want to know the

best way to lose stomach fat

(me included!), right? The stomach seems to be the one area where we seem to have the biggest trouble getting rid of excess fat.

Getting rid of your stomach fat does not have to be a total struggle. But its a fact that no matter what it’s not just going to disappear overnight with no effort, either. So one way or another, we will have to work on getting the abs we want.

There are many different exercises that can be done, and also different kinds of foods that will help you slim down in that particular area and become leaner and healthier. It is important that you can find a way to do exercises that you can sustain over a longer period of time. You do not want to start an exercise routine that takes too much time out of your already busy days, because you will not be able to maintain it.

The approach to losing stomach fat should fit in nicely with your routines and not take too much effort. I have found that The Truth About Abs from Mike Geary does just that. He combines some easy to do exercises (and they are not the dreaded sit-ups either!) with good food choices that will help burn stomach fat. I have just invested in the course because I am sick and tired of constantly having this bulge of too much fat in front of me, and his approach makes total sense to me. It is totally worth the few dollars – I might save them next time I want to splurge on some fast food!! 😉

Anyway, I think I have found the best way to lose stomach fat – hope you will too!

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  1. Petra, I am obese! Thanks pal for getting roping in something very useful for me! I wish I become thin like this very soon! 😀

  2. Personally, I have found 3 steps to help you lose belly fat. 1. Small, manageable calorie deficit. 2. Lots of fat burning foofds in your diet and 3. a 5K exercise plan.
    Tanya [email protected] Plan To Lose Weight´s last blog post ..monthly Diet Chart To Reduce Weight | Diet Plan To Reduce Weight

  3. Les says:

    Great tips! I will show this to my friends. Thanks! (:
    Les´s last blog post ..How to Have Healthy Dieting Meals?

  4. Reducing belly fat can be very tough in the start. One should instead of eating 2 or 3 meals in a day; a weight watcher should start eating 5 or 6 small meals in a day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which should also be the heaviest meal. The other meals should be a lot lighter especially dinner. A heavy breakfast should be followed by a light mid-morning snack, a moderate lunch, a light afternoon snack, an evening snack and then a very light dinner. Health conscious people generally consume fruit, nuts or beverages like smoothies, buttermilk, skim milk, juices and so on, when it is time for a snack.

  5. One should try not to have late night snacks. Late night snacks are a favorite because we usually snack while we watch a late night movie, have supper with friends to have chitchat and sometimes, if we work late, we also tend to eat very late at night. The only problem with late night snacking is that there is not much activity done after that. People go straight to bed right after the late night meal because they are tired. So, this will cause high sugar levels in the blood stream and no energy spent after that. The excess sugar will just turn into fat and be stored under the skin.
    [email protected] maintenance´s last blog post ..“They are the One”,

  6. Loosing weight is not at all easy. I have been trying to loose my weight for a long time. I have lost a lot of weight but still have a little more to loose. I always wanted to be slim and fit at least once in my life. Now I follow a very healthy diet which is combined with regular exercise and fitness program.

  7. I know loosing weight is very hard. But I have managed to achieve a healthy figure. I just don’t exercise like a maniac, I plan it. Everyday I focus on a specific area and work on it. Along with exercising I follow a very healthy diet. I don’t eat junk food only nutritious and healthy food. Mostly I prefer salads and fruits.

  8. Thanks for finally writing about > I Found The Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat – Healthy Diet Weight Loss < Liked it!
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  9. A high calorie diet & inactivity are usually the key factors in causing loose belly fat; however you can lose your belly fat without having to embark on a hard core exercise regime. All you need to be able to do is elevate your heart rate so that you are operating in the fat burning range – this means walking at a brisk pace or jogging at an intensity at which you will still have enough breath to carry on a conversation at.

  10. I agree – Mike geary’s program is pretty top notch, plus it gives a no nonsense approach of losing body fat all over instead of ‘spot burning’. Its all about a clean diet and regular exercise…. Has anyone here read the Primal Blueprint?
    Wade – Fitness for Humans´s last blog post ..Top 10 Fittest & Buffest Martial Arts Actors

  11. Julie says:

    Belly fat is hard to get rid of mainly because we are eating the foods that are making us stay fat. I mean we are not even aware of it most times.

  12. The bulge on the belly doesn’t leave us so easily. But that doesn’t mean we will stop trying. Eventually I have managed to putt off a lot of weight from the other parts of my body with the stomache. On the belly, it works slowly but a good set of workout and food does really work.

  13. Martin says:

    Belly fat. Seems like the first place you gain it, the last place you lose it from. Diet + exercise + posture + motivation + willpower. No wonder its hard work.

  14. adam says:

    A workout similar to stair climbing not just allows you burn calories it also allows you develop yourself physically too. Now i am fairly certain that each woman and also gentleman includes a want getting nicely toned thighs, so this exercising is ideal in case that appears like people and also you need to know how to lose weight on thighs.
    adam´s last blog post ..How to lose weight on face

  15. Alex says:

    Losing weight is not easy for people who doesn’t want to put the FULL effort to their diet and exercise program. I found out that “kinda want to lose weight” does not help my result. You have to be willing to sacrifice most of your “unhealthy habits” to reach your goals. Otherwise, the grass will always be greener on the other side.
    Alex´s last blog post ..Fat Loss Factor Program Exercise

  16. Trisha Park says:

    Nice technique to lose stomach fats. I will try this and I hope that good result is awaited. I really like to have abs.
    Trisha Park´s last blog post ..Financial Wellness – Use of Internet

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