At Home Circuit Workout

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At Home Circuit Workout

At Home Circuit Workout

At Home Circuit Workout

You know that any weight loss program needs to be supported by some exercise, right? I came across this “At Home Circuit Workout” on Pinterest and thought it was worth sharing! It sounds pretty strenuous, but you know what? It all seems quite doable – once you know what some of the exercises are 😉 ! I needed to look up “Tuck Jump” (and it was exactly what I thought it would be!) and “Burpee” (I have attached some Videos of both at the end of this post).

If you commit to doing this at home circuit workout even just a couple of times a week, I think your fitness would increase a fair bit, and you will probably lose some weight, too!

Now I am somebody who is relatively fit, but I still need to lose weight and get much more toned, especially on my tummy (it looks way too big from the side).  Have you got the same problem? Then check out what I found! That’s just what the doctor ordered 😉 And they are having a special on, too! I am going to head over and get it. I can’t pass it up if it is as good as they say. My self confidence, health and mental well-being are too important to me. I might know a lot about food and healthy eating, but it hasn’t helped me to get rid of my big stomach yet. Let’s see how this works!

I need to ramp my efforts up, anyway, I am off to Germany to see my Mum again mid July, plus we have our 25 year school reunion (25 years???) and you know how it is – you want to look your best!!! Wish me luck. 😉


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  1. Karen Dyosa says:

    Doing this kind of work out will surely give your body the perfect shape. I have tried this kind of program before and it is so effective.

  2. I think this is very easy and very effective plan to reduce the body fat. I start to follow this plan from today onwards. Thanks for sharing such an important information.

  3. Any kind of workout should be done keeping in mind that it didn’t cause you injury. I follow a therapy called Active Isolated Stretching Therapy which help your body be more resistive to injuries.
    Anthony @ Pain Treatment´s last blog post ..Sciatica nerve pain – affecting the deep six muscles, the hip rotators.

  4. Cindy says:

    I sure miss working out on the Gym. And I can’t miss a day without attending to my dance session.

  5. I like these kind of bodyweight / at-home circuits, but there is so much more variety of exercise that you can do in a gym with all of the varied equipment they have. Plus it is generally safer, and nice to know there are staff on hand if you have questions or if you ever hurt yourself.

    However, saying all this, all gyms are not made equally, and it’s important to choose the right gym, so ask around to see what other gyms people recommend or read some online reviews of gyms and personal trainers to make your decision.

    Apart from that, home circuit workouts are good for the odd occasion.

    • Petra Weiss says:

      Hi Brett, I am a gym girl, too, I like being out and about and have never gotten into the “working out at home”. But this at home circuit workout is a good way for somebody who likes to train at home.

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