5 simple healthy food swaps you can do today!

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Eating healthy is all about eating the right foods. If you want to achieve a healthy weight, you need to change your eating habits. To make your everyday meals and snacks healthier, here are 5 tips on food swaps that you can implement straight away:

1. Swap tomato sauce for mustard (I know, this might seem hard, but I can tell you that mustard is not bad!). Tomato sauce has 73kj compared to mustard with 24kj.

2. Swap an ice cream treat (like magnum classic, or any of the other full-on ice creams on sticks) to one with a lot less calories and fat; choose a low-fat/light variety. You can save a whopping 800kj by doing this!

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CamelBak Water Bottle

Here comes one nobody will like, but if you can do this, it will do wonders for your skin and overall wellbeing: Swap fizzy drinks for plain water. Go out and splurge on a nice water bottle that you love, and then start using it! You should have around 2 Lt. of water a day. In fact, if you try to have at least a glass of water before each meal, you will feel fuller faster and not eat as much as usual. How about that!

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4. What about lollies? Well – if you have a sweet tooth and like to nibble and snack on those little jelly beans, lollies, gums etc., why not swap all this for – dried apricots and sultanas? They can be eaten just like these little sugar lolly bombs, they are just much better for you because they are a lot more nutritious and low fat, but sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings (or so I hope!). I personally like nibbling, so these are perfect.

5. Any other cravings for sweets like cakes, pavlovas, cookies etc, you should try and satisfy these with fresh seasonal fruit and natural yoghurt. Stock up on fruit you really like, and make sure you have it washed and ready for you to use. If you decide to avoid all these empty calories which will sit on your tummy and thighs later on, you can also spend a little bit more money on specialty fruits like mango, for example!

So there you have it, my 5 healthy food swap tips which you can start to implement today!

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  1. Bob says:

    Great post. Most people do not understand the importance of drinking water!

  2. this is really excellent. I never thoght of swapping food items. Low calory diets are most needed to keep a healthy body and mind. Yes as you said drinking sufficient water helps in doing wonders to our skin. Thanks for sharing this excellent piece of informative article. looking forward to read more of your articles
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  3. Swapping your food is an excellent way to lose weight and remain healthy, you don’t actually go on a diet and skip eating you just eat more healthy food stuffs instead of eating something which will make you put on extra pounds. This method has helped me tremendously.

  4. I like topics like this one, great blog by the way.

  5. swapping food is a great way to lose weight, try drink great tea instead of tea or coffee. Green tea is a great antioxidant and really helps contribute to fat loss.
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