11 Tips For A Fast Healthy Weight Loss

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I would think that everybody who has to or wants to lose weight wants to do it fast. After all, the faster the weight comes off, the faster we will feel a lot better about ourselves again, and be a lot healthier, too.

There are many ways to lose weight fast. Just have a look at all the diet plans we get bombarded with on TV, in newspapers, on billboards and so on. If a diet promises you to lose weight fast doesn’t mean though that it will be healthy. Often quite the contrary.

To get rid of some weight fast, you should always opt for a fast HEALTHY weight loss. It is so important to stay healthy whilst on a diet. If you don’t, you could end up having more healthy problems than before, and the lost weight will very likely pile up on you again fairly quickly.

Fast Healthy Weight Loss

Fast Healthy Weight Loss

The basic of a fast healthy weight loss is to pay close attention to what exactly you eat, eat more vegetables and fruit (and snack on them whenever you feel peckish), and have plenty of healthy, great tasting food in your house – and none of the “bad” stuff.  And of course, the all important water – drink more water! One of the benefits of a “healthy eating plan” like this is that you can keep going for as long as you wish!

Here are some tips on how to achieve a fast healthy weight loss:

  1. Have a minimum of 2 serves of fruit per day (as snack, or as dessert). Pick fruits that you really like. Better still, pick fruits from the list of negative calorie foods.
  2. Change your drinking habits – choose water over juices, sodas, milk drinks or alcohol. Drink a glass of water straight after getting up in the morning, and one before each meal, and then sip it in between meals. It will help keep you feeling fuller, and it also helps the body to get rid of any retained water. And don’t have diet soda! It is proven to make you crave more sugar.
  3. Include 2 serves of vegetables with lunch and dinner. If you get picky in between, have more veggies, or have some fruit. TIP: Grated carrot makes a super snack. It is more filling than a whole carrot, too (I know it sounds strange, but it’s true!)
  4. When you eat, take your time. Don’t rush. Chew properly, and concentrate on what you are eating. If you eat too fast, your body will not recognize on time when you are full, so you are more likely to end up eating too much.
  5. Half your fat intake with this simple method: Still have everything as usual, but take note to just put half the amount of butter on your bread/potato than usual; half the amount of oil in the pan to fry; half the mayonnaise/sauce with your salad…. Makes sense?
  6. If you have to have milk (like in your coffee, on your cereal…) choose a lower fat variety. Also choose lower fat cheese and yogurt. All dairy – lower fat from now on! Also try to go for varieties that don’t contain sugar (in yogurt, for example).
  7. Use whole grains wherever possible. They are full of fiber which will make you feel fuller for longer and also aid in your digestion.
  8. Eat food that you can chew wherever possible. That means, don’t replace meals with drinks, or fruit with juice – food you have to chew will increase your fiber intake and again, make you feel fuller for longer, and more satisfied.
  9. Try and plan your daily “food” plan ahead of time. That way you know the whole day what you are still allowed to eat, which helps in having more control over your eating.  Also make a shopping list before you go out, and make sure you have something to eat before going shopping.  Stick to your shopping list. If you go to the supermarket without a list and feeling hungry, you will very likely end up choosing high calorie food, and more than what you need.
  10. Just for a week or two, write down on a piece of paper every day what you eat. Every little bit. It will make you much more aware of where you can improve, when you are faltering and have to be careful, and you will be surprised at how much food you could actually leave out!:)
  11. My last but not least tip for a fast healthy weight loss: When you eat, you eat. Be more aware of what you are doing – switch that TV off, and don’t read while you are eating! Being more mindful (not just while eating) can be a very big help in trying to shift those kilos (sorry, here goes the German in me 😉 )

I hope I have inspired you to take some action! Fast healthy weight loss can be possible when doing it sensibly and sticking to some general rules like the one’s I have outlined above. There is also an awesome weight loss guide that might help you on your way a bit faster…. the more you know about what works and what doesn’t, the better!!!

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    • Bobman says:

      I’ve just started a website where my wife and I try weight loss products and show visitors what’s crap and what’s not haha. We’ve been doing this for some time and publishing it in a small publication but figured we’d go live with it. Check us out, only a couple reviews are up so far but more will come.

  2. Great article,totally agree with you.People need to lose the weight to dramatically improve there health before they worry about such things as “exercising”.We need to educate people about eating.I would add one point to your list and that is to learn how to read labels.If you do not know how ask, your grocerie store manager,your pharmacist or your doctor.Then go on the internet and read,read,and read somemore.Its your body,its your life and obesity is a life or death problem.Great article ,again,keep up the good work.Both ends of the earth need to connect on this subject.Pierre from Montreal Canada.

  3. Very good article! Changing one’s eating habits and exercising is essential to losing weight. It is the best way to lose weight too. People want a quick way to lose weight. However, the natural way is the best way to go.

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  5. Tasha Curry says:

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  6. Very good article! Don’t be unhealthy in your dieting decision. Quick weight loss can be dangerous and is usually just a short-term result.

  7. Great weight loss tips, however few of these tips i already knew, but some tips, like 11th and 9th i didn’t know! Thanks for these great tips!
    .-= Slim Weight Patch´s last blog ..Beneficial Weight Loss Facts For Women =-.

  8. Just for a week or two, write down on a piece of paper every day what you eat. Every little bit. It will make you much more aware of where you can improve, when you are faltering and have to be careful, and you will be surprised at how much food you could actually leave out!

    I think this is very important. You have a plan but without the right motivation and encouragement, you will never accomplish it. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Maybe you could change the post name title 11 Tips For A Fast Healthy Weight Loss – Healthy Diet Weight Loss to something more generic for your content you write. I enjoyed the the writing however.

  10. Shane says:

    I would have thought that things like coffee would get on the list, in moderation of course. The other benefit to that is that you can take the used coffee grounds and use them on your plants, then you both get something out of it!
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  11. Excellent tips. To help with weight management, when I’m hungry, I ask myself how will I feel after eating. If I have strong guilty feelings, I do something that distracts me from eating.

  12. All great tips. None of what you have written represents a gimmick or fad, they are true ways that if followed will lead to a healthier lifestyle. If someone’s current eating habits are the opposite of these tips, for example, not enough water intake, high fat, eating quickly and in front of the tv, and they change those habits to the ones you mentioned they will absolutely lose weight.

    Then incorporate exercise and you have a healthy way of life that will provide weight loss, and maintain the weight loss.
    Stacy @ Workout Review´s last blog post ..Insanity The Asylum Prep

  13. Jesse says:

    I think losing weight can be positive not just for yourself, but for others around you like family members.Maybe dieting is all about positive thoughts?

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  15. bhealthy says:

    Nice diet plan and some good tips and advice. That should get the weight off quickly for anyone who will stick to it.

  16. Great way to healthily lose weight fast without compromising your health. It’s true that not all the mambo-jumbo promises on TV or etc are guaranteed to be healthy diets. Compliments to the author.
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